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1988-199?-The Tony Gómez Period - 1990-Suave suave

1990: Suave suave
cuban music, musica cubana
June, 1990 - Areíto LD-4616

  title   composer arranger lead singer
1 Suave suavecito ch Revé Antonio Gómez El Indio
2 Aquí todo se resuelve ch Revé, Jr. Antonio Gómez Yumurí

Reír y cantar

ch Revé Antonio Gómez Padrino
4 Anda y recógela ch Revé Antonio Gómez El Indio
5 Respétame ch Antonio Gómez Antonio Gómez Valentín
6 Oye mira y calla ch Antonio Gómez Antonio Gómez Yumurí
7 Gente chévere ch Diago-Díaz Antonio Gómez El Indio
8 Si más tuviera ch Revé, Jr. Antonio Gómez Yumurí
  next 3 tracks not on LP, but are on the CD reissue, "Suave suave + 3"        
9 Tocopán       El Indio
10 En el cachumbambé       Padrino
11 Tiene telerañá       Padrino

cuban music, musica cubana

In 1991, Revé released his most famous song, Mi salsa tiene sandunga, which became the theme song for the legendary Cuban TV show, Mi salsa. The arrangements are by Gómez except for one by Roberto Flores, a bassist who definitely played on Papá eleguá in 1993 and apparently had already replaced Pipo by this album. However, Pipo returned in 1996 for Arriba la manos, so it's all very confusing. It would have been lovely if EGREM had seen fit to list the musicians - something they finally began doing in 1993.

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