SpanishEnglishDiscography - 1993-Échale limón (Cuban version)

cuban music, musica cubana1993 - Échale Limón (Cuban Release) - This has the two big hits from the Japanese sessions, "Santa Palabra", and "Échale Limón" and a variety of other interesting items. "Vuela Paloma" is a beautiful song written by Manolo González, a young medical student "discovered" by Tosco and now known as "Manolín, el Médico de la Salsa". The song also appears on Manolín’s first album, but the NG version is much better. Manolín, even at that early point, was a brilliant songwriter, but no match for Mena in the singing department. The NG version is also twice as long and has several additional coros and mambos. The second coro at 3:57 has a beautiful harmonization where the top voice holds its note while the other go down, and not to be missed is the montuno breakdown and third coro which begin at 4:19. "Jinetero Yo", sung by Calá, is another great and little-known NG track, with interesting harmonies and sardonic social commentary ("Lo que tengo es moneda nacional, yo no tengo fula, nena"). At 2:18 listen to the dramatic change from dark flamenco harmonies to gospel jazz and don’t miss Arango melodic basslines starting at 2:28. "Amor Entre Tres", listed as being written by Cesar "Pupy" Pedroso of Los Van Van has jazzy Brazilian harmonies and opens up into a very nice coro at 4:30, which, like the one on "Vuela Paloma", has a flavor which was frequently borrowed by later Timba groups. The last track, "No Me La Llames Más" is a light, traditional sounding Calá number featuring some of his more bizarre animal impressions.

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