SpanishEnglishDiscography - 1993-Para Curaçao

cuban music, musica cubana1993 - Para Curaçao - This disc, recorded in Curaçao while the band was gigging there, has same lineup as Échale Limón, but very little in the way of interesting charts. Four of the seven tracks are covers of old standards such as "Guantanamera" and "Son de la Loma", and two of the Tosco originals are very much in the same traditional vein. Everything is well performed and there are a number of nice solos from Tosco, Peruchín and the two trumpeters. The only track of interest to the Timbaphile is an early "salsa rock" version of "La Bruja", a track which was perfected the next year on the album of the same name.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 03:31 AM