2015 Salsa Rueda Festival - San Francisco - February 19-22 - Hotel Whitcomb - Biggest Cuban Dance Festival in the U.S.A.

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miércoles, 04 enero 2012, 08:17 pm


El ángel negro en NYC

Tirso Duarte @S.O.B.s

The New Year is off to an auspicious start! La Letra del Año has confirmed that the world will not end in 2012, and even more importantly, Tirso Duarte will be making his first NYC appearance on March 2nd at S.O.B.s! Ladies and gentlemen, timberas y timberos, this is truly a magnificent event so don't miss it, or you will never forgive yourself! We will get back to you ASAP with more US tour dates.

Tirso is an infinitely talented pianist, composer and arranger, and for the younger generation he is the new voice of timba. During his brilliant career he has written and arranged many of the hits of the post-break-up Charanga Habanera before moving on to NG La Banda and Pupy y Los Que Son Son, finally making his mark on Cuban music as a solo artist. As you can tell I am a huge fan myself. Here is a small taste from the Sons of Cuba DVD which many of you have already seen, but it merits watching over and over again...Manos pa'rriba la gente de la noche y la luna llena .

Tirso Duarte sings "La Luna"

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lunes, 02 enero 2012, 06:52 pm

Eddie Palmieri -- Photos by Tom Ehrlich

Eddie Palmieri tore it up at Yoshi's SF last month - here's Tom Ehrlich's extensive new gallery. Happy New Year to all!

Book News: I've been deep underwater working on Beyond Salsa for Ensemble, which will be about 350 pages long, with almost 500 audio files, 36 wild timba efectos (aka bloques) transcribed for the full rhythm section and a full note-for-note chart of a Pupy y los que Son Son song, ready for the gig. As soon as I get this done I'll be moving on to Beyond Salsa Bass, featuring one of the greatest figures of the entire timba era - Alain Pérez. [Kevin Moore]

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domingo, 01 enero 2012, 09:04 am


Andy González & Friends -- Tribute to Arsenio Rodríguez

Feliz Año Nuevo & Happy New Year to all the timberos and timberas! To bring in the new year in style, Timba.com photographer Tom Ehrlich was in New York City grooving to the music of Arsenio Rodríguez with Andy González & Friends. Enjoy his first video....

** Click here to read the full article and view the full photo gallery **

Tom reports: "It's not always easy to find the hip Afro-Caribbean music events in New York City, but if you do its usually something special.  I was lucky to hear Andy González interviewed on the radio explaining that he and some friends were going to do a concert of Arseñio Rodríguez music at The Stone, a small non-profit club run by musician John Zorn in the Lower East Side of NYC the day after I was scheduled to arrive in NYC to visit family.  I knew I could not miss this one. "

 Tony Rosas and Andy

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domingo, 18 diciembre 2011, 09:46 pm


First Midwestern US Appearance by Powerhouse Band

There is nothing quite like Timba live,  and Timbalive is quite an experience too.   When they performed in  Chicago, their first appearance in the area,  they played  like they had something to prove, and they were able to do just that.  There are reasons why this group is able  to perform with the likes of Mayito Rivera and Manolin, and we heard those reasons here.    
Click here to continue reading our concert review and view the photos from the performance. 

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