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viernes, 05 agosto 2011, 03:35 am

Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor in Cali

Mano a Mano con Tirso Duarte Esta Noche!

Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor arrived in Cali two days ago to prepare for tonight's big show at Teatro Jorge Isaacs. Maykel Blanco and Tirso Duarte are friends, but tonight they face off in a mano a mano contest to please the dancers in Cali. Let's hope someone uploads video of this event for those of us not lucky enough to be there! Here is a short greeting (2 takes) that Maykel and the singers recorded for the fans.

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jueves, 04 agosto 2011, 02:24 pm

Issac in Madrid Tomorrow!

El Supercubano en España!

Issac Delgado by Patrick Bonnard
Issac "El Supercubano" in France photo by Patrick Bonnard

On July 22, 2011 timberos around the world rejoiced at the release of a new timba single by Issac Delgado. The song, Salsa, Timba y Amor, was only available in Europe. Just one week later an entire CD, Supercubano, was released at iTunes in Europe and the US. The album is a mix of timba, salsa, cubatón, rumba and even one bachata. Issac collabrorated on the album with a number of artists such as Alain Pérez, Manolín El Médico de la Salsa, La India, El Micha, Baby Lores, Gente D'Zona, Baby Lores and Los Generales. If you're in Madrid tomorrow you can catch some of the new songs, as well as any number of classic Issac hits, at the concert at Florida Park.

Track list:
El negro vuelve a La Habana - with El Micha
Salsa, timba y amor
Somos Cuba (Mira como vengo) - with Gente D'Zona
Que no se te olvide - with La India
Pa'l Bailador
Mala cabeza
Que no se te olvide (bachata version)
Somos Cuba (extended version) - Baby Lores, El Micha, Gente D'Zona, Manolín, Los Generales, Alain Perez

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martes, 02 agosto 2011, 09:30 pm

Los Van Van US Tour Delayed

Atraso en el visado de Samuel Formell

Hemos recibido una notificación de Fuego Entertainment que la gira de Los Van Van ha sido pospuesta por razones de immigración. La visa de Samuel Formell, percusionista del grupo e hijo del director Juán Formell, no ha sido procesada y el grupo no se siente cómodo sin su percusionista principal. Nos explican que las fechas serán postuestas para el mes siguiente de Septiembre.

Los Van Van US Tour postponed due to visa delays.

We received notice from Fuego Entertainment that the upcoming Los Van Van US Tour has been postponed due to a visa provessing delay. Other sources confirm the visa in question belongs to Samuel Formell, the drummer, timbalero and son of the band's director and founder Juán Formell. The group feels uncomfortable going forward without its main pecussionist so the dates have been postponed to September. We will report on any specific dates and venues as soon as we recieve these confirmations.

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domingo, 31 julio 2011, 08:10 pm

Los Van Van! LA-SF-NY

Los Van Van will be at the Conga Room in LA on Aug. 4, at Yoshi's Oakland Aug. 5-6-7, and at SOB's in NY on Aug. 10-11-12. Check here for tour updates. Don't miss this chance to see the world's greatest dance band up close with state-of-the-art sound in an intimate setting.

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