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lunes, 11 julio 2011, 02:51 pm

Soneros All Stars Release Single

La Habana Tiene Su Meneo - The Timba Version

Yanesito & Soneros All Stars - La Habana Tiene Su Meneo It's finally out! Today was the official release of Soneros All Stars new single, the timba version of La Habana Tiene Su Meneo , featuring Lesmer Solenzar (Klímax, NG La Banda) on lead vocals. Yanesito has done something rather unusual with this song, he has recorded two versions of it. I'm not talking about the typical ballad version and a salsa version. He has recorded two dance versions: a hardcore, flaming timba single which has been released today, and a classy sonero version with El Indio, El Sinsonte and Pepitín on lead.

To find out what Yanesito had in mind with this dual-version song, I had a little talk with him in Stockholm. Click here to read the interview where he explains why he recorded the song in two versions as well as gives us some interesting behind-the-scenes gossip from the recording session at ICRT Studios in Havana. As of today you will find the Timba version of La Habana Tienen Su Meneo at iTunes, Spotify and other retailers. Enjoy the official video below.

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domingo, 10 julio 2011, 10:35 am

Azúcar Negra

The New Singers

Leonel Limonta & Azúcar Negra Leonel Limonta & Azúcar Negra are the talk of the town with their new singer line-up and the new CD Se acabó el pescao that will be released later this month. You have probably heard that when Tania Pantoja left Bamboleo for a solo career, Ailyn moved to Bamboleo. This left an opening for a new female singer, and I have been very curious about who Limonta would find to fill the spot.

The new leading lady of Azúcar Negra is 26-year-old Havana native, Ingrid Leyva Fuentes. Limonta found her singing with the small group Calle Cuba. She has a voice with a timbre that sounds like a mix of Tania and Ailyn and a tremendous stage presence. I might add that a number of men have pointed out that she is also quite attractive, which is always a plus in the world of show business.

Other new faces in the Azúcar Negra front line include Pavel "La Figura" who sings the title track from the upcoming album Se acabó el pescao. His voice is in top form and he remains one of Havana's most entertaining performers. El menor among the singers is 20-year-old Leisdel Gonzáles, the very good-looking nephew of none other than Manolín, El Médico de la Salsa. He has become Havana's new heartthrob and sings lead on the track La vida es . Rounding out the front line is Yurisan Hernández, lead singer on A mí La Habana .

Having finally seen the current lineup thanks to muchoswing.com and Cubavision, I am very pleased to say that they sound fantastic! The band has great energy, arrangements that call you to the dance floor and as always Limonta's lyrics are creative and intelligent, and the coros are infectious. Stay tuned for our full report on the CD, coming soon. In the meantime, here are a few words from Limonta himself and a look at Ingrid singing lead on "Perrita Fina", also known as "Sacúdate que tienes arena".

Dice Leonel Limonta a los fanes: "Como se acabó el pescao se acabó el abuso Azúcar Negra está dando que hablar con sus nuevos cantantes y nuevo CD , es el suceso de la Habana y toda Cuba."

Azúcar Negra "Perrita Fina"- cantante Ingrid Leyva

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jueves, 07 julio 2011, 04:59 am

Adalberto Álvarez on Tour

Adalberto Álvarez y Su Son are on tour in Europe right now. Adalberto is this year's Cubadisco winner for Best Video for the Bailando en la Tropical clip. The CD El Son de Altura was also nominated for Best Dance Album.  Click here for the list of concert dates so you can bailar con Adalberto y su son.

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miércoles, 06 julio 2011, 02:31 am

Singer & Pianist Glenda del E's Miami Debut

Her "Q-ban Mixology" Tour Begins Saturday, July 9

An Afro-Cuban Family Affair

Glenda del E - Miami Debut - Cuban MusicDaughter of reknown afro-cuban percussionist Mario Del Monte Jr, Glenda del Monte-Escalante -Glenda Del E- is a Cuban singer and pianist now based in Canada. Glenda makes her Miami debut this Saturday.  The performance will be a fusion of afro-cuban jazz, soul, r&b, funk and tropical rhythms. 

9pm at the Van Dyke Café
846 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, Florida, 33139

Performing Musicians:
Glenda del E - piano
Mario del Monte Jr - drums
Mireya Escalante - vocals
Nestor del Prado - bass
Aaron Lebos - guitar
Mauricio del Monte - trumpet

Come check out this afro-cuban family affair

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