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Friday, 03 May 2013, 11:41 PM

Cubadisco 2013

and the Nominees are...

y los Nominados son...

2012 was an excellent vintage for recordings from Cubans both in Cuba and around the world, and the nominees in Cubadisco 2013 reflect this fact. is pleased to shine a spotlight on the categories of greatest interest to our visitors in addition to the entire official list of nominees. To read the article in English, click here.

2012 fue una excelente cosecha para las grabaciones de los cubanos tanto en Cuba como en todo el mundo, y los nominados en Cubadisco 2013 reflejan este hecho. se complace en ofrecer un enfoque en las categorías de mayor interés para nuestros visitantes, además de toda la lista oficial de los nominados.Para leer el articulo en español, haz clic aquí.

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Wednesday, 01 May 2013, 10:25 AM

La Timba Criolla

Llegó el Timbón!

La Timba Criolla

For some time now I have been continuing to call Havana the Capital of Timba. But I am beginning to think it's time for me to look at this as the Roman Empire with two Capitals: Havana = Rome and Lima = Constantinople. Another serious timba band has been making waves in Lima: La Timba Criolla. The band writes their own material with a classic 90s timba feel and professional production and presentation. 

LTC is made up of a combination of Cuban and Peruvian musicians, some with a conservatory background and others "timberos naturales". Director and pianist Jairo Betancourt, bassist Amarat Stuart Aguila and drummer Manuel Alejandro Moreno "Hueso" are all alumni of Michel Maza y la Tentación. Lead singer Anthony Muzantes is a well-known Peruvian singer as well as being the composer/arranger of the songs. I am very impressed with his work. He is only 20 years old but you can tell that he knows his timba! Other band members: Williams Nicasio "Macarito" - congas and Percy "Chincilla" - djembe/campana are both from Peru Negro and the percussion is rounded off by well-known Peruvian percussionist Marco Antonio Di Maria. The horn section consists of two trumpets, trombone and sax: Roman Coronado, Pedrito Meza, Fernando Shimabuku and Juancito Rondon. Coristas are Adhemir Charun Rivas and Jerson Jeff. 

La Timba Criolla will be releasing their CD "Llegó el Timbón" next month, so stay tuned for more information about the band. In the meantime I leave you with a taste of LTC en Vivo! A gozar!

La Timba Criolla live @ Persepolis 2013

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Wednesday, 01 May 2013, 09:38 AM

Contrabando Tour Dates

Europe 2013

Contrabando Abriendo Caminos

Contrabando is one of Europe's leading timba bands. Under the direction of Andrés Fernández "El Paísa", Contrabando has released two CDs and has maintained a steady flow of gigs. They will be touring Europe all summer. Click here to find a concert near you. Check out the video below to see what you have to lok forward to.

Contrabando Live @ "Aquí Cuba" 2012

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013, 05:08 PM

Breaking News: EL PIKETE to open for HDP in Miami

New EL PIKETE Lineup Debut at La Covacha May 24

El NUEVO Pikete se presenta con Havana D Primera en Miami

 El Pikete opens for Havana D Primera at La Covacha - May 24 in Miami - Cuban Music News - Noticias de la musica cubana

Miami is in for a real TIMBA treat..... El Pikete has been re-activated with all new music from composer / arranger, co-leader and electronic wind instrument (e.w.i.) player Jeans Valdés, AND THEY ARE OPENING FOR HAVANA D' PRIMERA at La Covacha on Friday May 24th !!!

Many fans will immediately recognize some of the new members as they are heavyweights of the genre in their own right. Reinier is an all-star veteran from Paulito F.G. and the Cuban Timba All-Stars, Ivette was the piano player for the Canadian timba band D'talle, Michel is from Havana Power Band, El Kid is ex-Tiempo Libre....not to mention El Pikete itself is Manolín El Médico's band when not backing Manolín. Another real treat is their new female lead Ingrid Leiva (any relation to Pío Leiva?), as Hany is expecting her first child. 

** UPDATE - Ingrid Leyva Fuentes used to be the lead singer for Azucar Negra (Limonta's project) and you can see her in the video I just posted under the band list... Enjoy! El Pikete's lineup is shaping up to be a a new all-star timba group.

CALL 305-594-3717 for tickets or click here = EL PIKETE & HAVANA D' PRIMERA at La Covacha

Here are the new members / aquí los integrantes del (nuevo) PIKETE:

Rol - InstrumentoNombre
E.W.I., Co-leader Jeans Valdés
Congas, Co-leader Alexis "Mipa" Cuesta
Vocals Michel Calvo
Vocals Ingrid Leyva Fuentes 
Vocals Joaquín "El Kid" Díaz
Bass Victoriano Nápoles
Violin Jorge Carlos Oviedo
Piano Ivette Porra
Batería & Timbal Reinier Guerra
Trombone William Paredes
Trombone Eduardo Fonseca
Trumpet William Polledo
 Trumpet Mauricio Del Monte

Lead singer Ingrid Leyva Fuentes with Azucar Negra

El Pikete opens for Havana D Primera at La Covacha - May 24 in Miami - Cuban Music News - Noticias de la musica cubana

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