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2016 Billboard Latin Music Conference & Awards - Ritz Carlton Miami Beach - April 25-28

Pa' Ponerte en Talla

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Saturday, 26 November 2011, 07:50 PM

Calle Real in Japan - Isla de Salsa Festival

by Patricio Sobrado (tres & director of Calle Real)

Calle Real en Japón - Calle Real in Japan - by Patricio Sobrado - Cuban Music News - Noticias de música cubana

view the complete photo gallery here
fotos cortesía de Peter Cheyne y  Patricio Sobrado

In the first weeks of August 2011, Calle Real was invited to play in Japan on a tour named Vivela Salsa tour 2011 = http://www.vivela.jp/2011/info_en.html

Since I moved to Santiago, Chile in 2010, I had played with the band in Israel in April 2011, and now I looked forward to meet the boys again for a 10 days tour in Japan.

I had a vague idea of what Japan was! But mostly from movies and design, a modern high-tech society on top of a disciplined aged culture with a passion for rituals. It pretty much summed my impression of Japan before the tour.

Visiting Japan with Calle Real, it did not change my generalized view of Japan in its essence, but it made me view it from the inside and added soul and flesh to the picture already in place. But to be honest, Japan vastly exceeded my expectations!

Calle Real en Japón - Calle Real in Japan - by Patricio Sobrado - Cuban Music News - Noticias de música cubanaI had the wrong impression that the disciplined part of the culture would not let the Japanese people enjoy themselves unless very rigid conditions were fulfilled. And I was astonished by the vivid and joyful spirit of the salseros and timberos from Japan when partying, listening or actively receiving our music into their hearts, or when showing us appreciation as the dedicated fans they were.

 got enchanted by the details of the rituals in normal Japanese life. When waiting for the elevator as an example.

Everybody entering an elevator respectfully agrees with their eyes communication and body language who is going to enter first, the children, followed by the women and the man last of course, and if you are already are in the elevator, the entering people do nicely great you. This is different from many other cultures where entering the elevator is almost a race. read more...

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Thursday, 24 November 2011, 07:33 AM

Lista oficial de los participantes del mega concierto Cuba All Star

La Maquinaria - nuevo disco de Los Van Van

Las últimas noticias de Feri DJ desde Lima, Perú
sitio oficial de Cuba All Stars Perú = http://habanastars.com
oprima "saltar este paso" - press "skip this step"

Monster Timba Concert in Lima Perú - Cuban Music News - Noticias de música cubanaOfficial roster released !! 

"Cuba All Stars" se presentará en el Estadio de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos en el marco del  Cubaníssimo 2011, el sábado 17 de diciembre. 

Las entradas ya están a la venta en Teleticket de Supermercados Wong y Metro. Y ademas del descuento de pre venta se suma un descuento adicional del 20% si es que las entradas son compradas  con tarjeta de crédito Metro. 

Serán más de 40 músicos que se alternaran en escena e interpretarán los mejores temas que ellos ha popularizado, convirtiéndose realmente en una orquesta de lujo. A continuación esta es la nomina oficial  de los integrantes de "Cuba All Star" integrada por músicos cubanos de reconocida trayectoria.

Dirección Musical - Juan Formell / Adalberto Álvarez

Pianistas - Maykel Blanco - Lázaro Valdez (Bamboleo) - Roberto Cucurucho (Van Van) - Dorgeris Álvarez ( Orq Adalberto Álvarez) - Toni Rodríguez (Habana de Primera)

Tecladistas - Boris Luna  (Van Van) - Jusef Díaz ( Klimax) - Gretchem Reve  (Orq Reve) 

Bajistas - Yandy Martinez (Habana D' Primera) - Pavel Molina (Van Van)

Batería / Timbales - Samuel Formel (Van Van) - Giraldo Piloto (Klimax) - Rodnie Barreto (Habana D'Primera)

Guiro - Julio Noroña (Van Van )

Flautistas  - Jorge Leliebre (Van Van) - Jose Luis Cortes "El Tosco" (NG la Banda)

Congas - Guillermo del Toro ( Habana de Primera )

Bongó - Keisel Jimenez (Habana de Primera)

Trombonistas - Hugo Morejón (Van Van) - Amaury Pérez ( Habana de Primera) - Dheyane Rivera (Orq. Adalberto Álvarez )

Trompetistas - Orlando Vásquez (Habana de Primera) - Hyuni Martínez  (Habana de Primera) - Adán Gómez (Orq. Adalberto Álvarez)

Cantantes / Coros
Los Van Van  - Yenisel Valdez - Abdel Rasalp (Lele) - Roberto Guayacán Hernández (Roberton) - Mandy Cantero (el animal)
Orq. Adalberto Álvarez - Michael González - Walter Jusvir (Mantecado)
NG la Banda - Tony Calá
Maykel Blanco - Yordis Larrazabal (Maykel Blanco y su salsa Mayor ) - Yaser Ramos
Habana D' Primera  - Alexander Abreu
Grupo Klimax - Leonardo Garrido - Reiner Rojas - Noel Diaz
Bamboleo - Yuneisi Sastre - Ailyn Dallera - Ronnis López
Solistas - Emilio Frías "El Niño del Charangon" - Tania Pantoja (Ex bamboleo) - Leo Vera 

Also new this week from Los Van Van is "La Maquinaria". 

La Maquinaria - New album from Los Van Van - Cuban Music News - Noticias de música cubanaLa Maquinaria - Los Van Van
1. La maquinaria
2. Recíbeme
3. Qué tiene ese guajiro
4. Mis santos son ustedes
5. La bobería
6. Eso que anda
7. Control
8. Un año después
9. Yo no le temo a la vida
10. Final

Liner notes by Juan Formell himself and art by a renown Cuban artist KCHO (Alex Díaz). If Mayito does not return, then this album will mark his last official LVV record. Mayito sings on tracks 4 (Mis santos son ustedes) and 7 (Control). Be sure to listen to "Un año después", currently #1 here on Radio Timba. source

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011, 01:34 PM

New Album from NG La Banda - Mis 22 Años

2 CD set features many special guests

para leer este artículo en español oprima aquí

New album NG La Banda - Mis 22 años - Cuban Music News - Noticias de la música cubana

The new album by José Luis Cortés & NG. La Banda -- “Mis 22 años” --  a tribute to the 22 of existence for the project, one that was at the very forefront of the genre since the 90's, was recorded between February and June of last year at Egrem Studios in Havana. It's a 2 disco set. 

Listen to the song CALABAZA with Tirso Duarte on vocals now on Radio Timba

The album counts with more than 30 all-star guests -- Chucho Valdés, Juan Formell, Pedrito Calvo, Tirso Duarte, Tania Pantoja, Vania Borges, Elito Revé Lázarito Valdés,  Manolito Simonet, Lázaro Dagoberto González Jr., Rafaelito Lay, Mayito Rivera,  David Calzado, Adalberto Álvarez, Giraldo Piloto, Changuito, César Pupy Pedroso, Alain Daniel, Angelito Bonne, Ricardo Amaray, Cristian & Rey, Coco Freeman and Yeny Valdés.

New album NG La Banda - Mis 22 años - Cuban Music News - Noticias de la música cubana

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011, 06:20 AM

Cuban Music News In Brief

Tuesday November 22 2011

Música cubana en las notícias

Los Van Van in Africa - The band is scheduled to perform in Luanda, Angola, for three shows on November 25, 26 and 27 as part of the celebrations of National Independence Day, November 11. Juan Formell and his team were welcomed by the Cuban ambassador to Angola, Pedro Ross, and other figures. Los Van Van created a musical style called "songo" and they are directly responsible for the emergence of our favorite genre (Timba). source

Kings of Salsa dance show - Cuban Music News - Notícias de música cubanaKings of Salsa dance & theater show - This collaboration between dancer Roclan Gonzalez Chavez of Cuban ballet fame and London producer Jon Lee is heating up the theater scene for those who enjoy live dance performances. The purely music and dance show (no dialogue) features all original music (anyone know who the composer is?) a company of nine dancers and the eight-member band Cuba Ashire plus two vocalists. source

Cuban born, Emmy & Grammy winning composer charged - Cuban born, Julliard School of Music graduate and Emmy & Grammy winning composer -- Fernando Rivas -- pleaded not guilty and was free on $300,000 bond for production, distribution and possession of child pornography in South Carolina. Mr. Rivas composed music for shows like Sesame Street, in which his songs featured singers Celia Cruz, Gloria Estefan and Cyndi Lauper. source

Tiempo Libre has a new website - Now it's easier to find tour dates and news on TL. source

Japan-based Cuban percussionist debuts first solo album - Escuela Nacional de Arte graduate Juan Carlos López debuts his first-ever solo album -- called Dale Coco --  in a night of salsa grooves at club Crocodile in Harajuku, Japan. The album features a track with leading Japanese salsa outfit and Universal Music recording artists Salsa Swingoza. source

Latin Grammy wrap-up - Exiled Cuban singer-songwriter Amaury Gutiérrez won a Latin Grammy this past November 10 and dedicated his award to The Ladies in White movement. Other Cubans henored with Latin Grammy wins were Paquito D’Rivera and Lena Burke, as well as a posthumous award to Israel "Cachao" López.  source

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