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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
Authentic Latin Music Catalog for SYNC - TV & Film Music

SpanishEnglishTeam Cuba, pt. 2 - The Band

Team CubaEverybody started working for this project, and Juan Formell himself, José Luis Cortés, Issac Delgado, Roberto "Landi" Orlando López and Raúl Hernández Santollo (the latter two from the production team), really did their best to make it happen. The fraternity that we always had as Cuban musicians (although we forget it sometimes) made it possible, but I guess it was a bit difficult because of the little "war" between the bands in the lyrics of those times. But now, they tried to forget all this and gather one only band, with so many great musicians in each one of this "lucky" 7, so they also had to play a long repertoire; and they even had a tour in Europe manged by SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores) of Spain.

The list of candidates for this "dream team" was way too long! The final members of Team Cuba? Here we go (as far as I can remember):

-Issac Delgado
-David Calzado
-Juan Formell
-Manuel González (Manolín)
-José Luis Cortés (El Tosco)
-Adalberto Alvarez
-Paulo Fernández Gallo
-Mario Rivera (singer of Van Van)
-Roberto Hernández (singer of Van Van)
-Pedro Calvo (singer of Van Van)
-Michel Maza (singer of Charanga Habanera)
-Mario Jiménez (singer of Charanga Habanera)
-Sandier Ante (singer of Charanga Habanera)
-Jennisey "Jenny" Valdés (singer of NG)
-Francisco Antonio "Tony" Calá (singer of NG)
-Aramís Galindo Sotomayor (singer of Adalberto Alvarez)
-Joaquín Betancourt (arranger of Issac Delgado and many others)
-Dorgeris Alvarez Balart (pianist of Adalberto Alvarez)
-Alain Pérez (bassist of Issac Delgado y su grupo)
-Alexander Abreu Manresa (trumpet player of Paulito FG)
-Julio Montalvo Cantolla (trombonist of Paulito FG)
-William Paredes (trombonist of Issac Delgado)
-Samuel Formell (drummer of Van Van)
-Angel Arce Isla (timbalero of Manolín)
-Alexis "Mipa" Cuesta Gaínza (conguero of Manolín)
-Feliciano Arango (bassist of NG)
-Miguel Angel "Pan con salsa" de Armas (keyboards of NG)
-Juan Manuel Ceruto (sax and musical director of Paulito FG)
-Enrique Pérez Prieto (corista of Manolín)
-Emilio Morales Ruiz (pianist of NG)
-Carlos "Bola" Betancourt (trumpeter of Issac)
-Elpidio Chapottín (trumpeter of NG)
-Edmundo "Mundo" Pina Machín (trombonist of Van Van)
-Hugo Morejón (trombonist of Van Van)
-César "Pupy" Pedroso (pianist of Van Van)
- Rolando Pérez Pérez (saxophonist of NG)

Sharing the task of musical direction with El Tosco, Joaquín Betancourt adapted the arrangement of each song to fit the expanded instrumentation of Team Cuba while still staying faithful to the original arrangement of each group.

For the concert in the Capitolio, they invited some other musicians, but unfortunately they were not able to make it. They were: Dagoberto González and Germán Velazco (violin and sax of Pablo Milanés); and such Cuban legends as Changuito, Tatagüines and Chucho Valdés. There was another concert in Varadero, featuring Iván "Melón" González on piano.

So, the band was:

- 3 coristas, Jenny of NG, Dorgeris (who also played piano in Adalberto¹s songs) and Enrique of Manolín.
- Samuel Fomell y Angel Arce (Pututi 2, of Manolín) changed from drums to pailas.
- Mundo, trombonist of Van Van played the electric pad, as he does with Formell.
- Alain Pérez shared the bass duties with Feliciano Arango.
- Pupy played only in Van Van¹s songs and Emilio played everything else.
- 3 trombones: Julio Montalvo, Hugo Morejón and William Paredes.
- 3 trumpets: Alexander Abreu, Chapottín and Bola.
- 2 saxes: Ceruto y Pérez Pérez.
- The singers of each band sang their own songs.
- Miguel Angel "Pan con salsa" played keyboards.
- José Luis Cortés as musical director of this GREAT band.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011, 07:31 PM