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Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : 2022 San Jose Jazz Su...
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Study - Live Medleys

Guaco's first recorded medley came in 1979, 17 years into their foundation, so they must've had earlier medleys, presumably live only. Precious little live Guaco material exists from the 70s, so we're left to ponder how their live sets worked. There's another "Mosaico Guaco" on their debut album, but that seems a medley of original songs. written by Mario Viloria. 

1979 - Mosaico Guaco El Centralismo, Los Huecos, La Universidad, Piedad, Golpe Sabroso

This gaita medley consists of a couple songs -all writen by Viloria- made popular by Guaco in 1966, such as Los Huecos and Golpe Sabroso, Piedad was originally recorded by Gustavo when he left to join briefly for Estrellas del Zulia. I've yet to find where La Universidad and El Centralismo come from. 

1989 - Popurri 89: Noche Sensacional, María La Bollera, Guaco es Diferente, Tremenda Negra, Maracucha, Billetero, Pastelero, Cepillao, Un Cigarrito Y Un Café, Me Gustan Las Caraqueñas, Sentimiento Nacional, Virgen Guaquera, Aguas de Cristal

Fast forward to 1989, a decade later, in oil-rich Cabimas. My earliest Guaco live tape begins in 1988, so if anyone out there has an earlier live tape, especially of the Ricardo Hernández led era -but any live show will do, really- you can shoot me a line. Anyway, this very long medley features the electronic drums and runs roughly chronologically from the mid 70s onwards and leads into a complete and sax-laden Aguas de Cristal. 

1994 - Popurrí 80s: Guaco Pa Ti, Movidita, Para Ella, Tú, Guaco y Tambora

Fast forward to the commanding Triceratops era with Gustavo, Nelson and Sundín (plus Morritz on coros) leading the front. This great video was very recently uploaded by archivist Omar Pulgar and features Guaco playing to a full crowd in the heart of Maracaibo. This medley was one of two Guaco was working on their live set at the time, this one focusing on hits from 1980 to 1983, It was played heavily through the Triceratops and Archipiélago era, then fell out of rotation. It was surprisingly revived for their 2021 online show. 

1994 - Popurri 2: Noche Sensacional, Billetero, Pastelero, Cepillao, Un Cigarrito y Un Café. Me Gustan Las Caraqueñas, La Radio, Sentimiento Nacional

The second medley for consideration shares many things in common with the 1989 one, it features many of the same songs (ranging from 1979 to 1986) but dispenses of the gaita tunes, plus the segues are different from the earlier version. It leads -after a very long bloque- into a complete, usually show-ending rendtion of Sentimiento Nacional. The vocals are mostly led by Nelson, but Gustavo gets a couple songs in.

Like the other 1994 medley, it too fell out of use after the band decided to start playing the oldies in full again. But it was revived starting on 2010, much to the delight of Guaco fans and it still recieves plenty of airings. There was also the super long 30 minute version designed to fill up an entire set worth of space, with a big piano solo to stretch things out. 

Here's the 2010 version of the same medley, this one featuring Luis Fernando Borjas, Ronald Borjas and Gustavo Aguado on lead vocals. 

2017 - Pa Ti, Quiero Decirte, Como Es Tan Bella

This was first heard around 2017 and it was Guaco's newest Popurrí since 1994, joining together a couple of hits from the 00s with the absolute classic Como Es Tan Bella with Luis Fernando leading the way. Please note the pre-recorded backing vocals. 

2018 - Mosaico Guaco again. El Centralismo, La Reforma, La Universidad, Piedad, Golpe Sabroso

1979's medley got a very drastic remake in 2018, but is essentially the same, with the substitution of Los Huecos with La Reforma. 

2019 - Eres Mas, Lo Eres Todo, Pídeme

As the Popurrí 2, became Guaco's preferred choice of oldies medley, Guaco found a way to unclutter their set for new songs by finally joining together 3 of their most famous noughts' hits. 


Friday, 23 July 2021, 07:02 PM