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Yaniel "El Majá" Matos

instrumento/instrument: piano

grupos/groups:  Issac Delgado, Paulito FG

grabaciones/recordings: ?

lugar de nacimiento/birthplace: ?

formación musical/musical background: ?

lugar actual de residencia/current residence:  Brasil/Brazil

In 1997 & 1998, Paulito FG assembled his best band, and one of the best in the history of Timba. In addition to his longtime collaborators Juan Ceruto, Yosvel Bernal and Alexander Abreu, this group featured bassist Joel Domínguez, drummer Yoel Paez, and conguero Tomasito Cruz. During the magical period that the above-mentioned group stayed intact, four different pianists played with with the band, and all four were monsters players: Sergio Noroña, Pepe Rivero, El Majá, and Rolando Luna. Only Noroña and Luna got a chance to record with the band. In 1999, Maja and both Joeles joined Issac Delgado, forming another of Timba's greatest bands. It was during this time that songs like "La fórmula", "Amor sin ética", and "La vida es un carnaval", later to appear on the Grammy-nominated "La fórmula", were first developed. It was Majá who invented the irresistible piano tumbao of "La fórmula". Unfortunately he never recorded with Issac either, because he left the band in January of 2000 to move to Brazil, where he's still living today. We're hoping to hear some more great Timba from Majá in the coming years. [Kevin Moore]

Michelle White - Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 03:31 AM