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SpanishEnglishHablando con Juana - (Bis Music) Released 2014

CD Review: Hablando con Juana by Alaín Pérez (Bis Music 2014)
Review by Bill Tilford, All rights reserved

In a way, it is a pity that this recording was made by a project instead of a regular band; multiinstrumentalist and singer  Alaín Pérez works in multiple settings as does Ivan Melón Lewis and the other musicians, and we might not see a repeat. If memory serves, this is Mr. Pérez's 4th album, and each has a different personality.  Hablando con Juana is a combination of Cuban Salsa, Son with some Timba, mostly more in the direction of a Son 14 than a Charanga Habanera, but there are parts, such as  Una confesión,  No quiero cuentas, La super mujer and Si mi negra se me va, that contain the ingredients that made the early NG La Banda such a standout when it came on the scene: beautiful songwriting and arranging, and distinctive brass (Juan Munguia's resume includes Irakere among other things). Mr. Pérez's  singing, as usual, is excellent. On the other side of the coin, Bolero en Paris is a beautiful romantic song than includes an accordion.  

The physical CD contains a booklet with the lyrics.  It was recorded in Spain but  licensed to the Cuban label Bis Music.  It was nominated for a Cubadisco 2015 in the Música Popular Bailable - Novedades category (the "Novedades" part is relative). You can actually find it on and iTunes.   Here's an official video of the title track from the Bis Music website:

Lyrics except 6: Gradelio Pérez, Lyrics 6: Juan Antonio Gímez Gil
Music all tracks: Alaín Pérez

1. Bailando con Juana
2. Una confesión
3. El ciego sin bastón
4. Cuéntale a la luna
5. Celosa no
6. No quiero cuentos
7. La super mujer
8. Bolero en Paris
9. Siempre te Amo
10. Si mi negra se me va
11. La abuela quiere coco

Personnel in Hablando con Juana

Role - InstrumentName
Lead Vocals, Bass, Cajon y Quinto 3, Tres 4 & 5, Acoustic Guitar 4 & 8 Alaín Pérez
Piano & Rhodes Ivan Melón Lewis
Percussion Yuri Nogueira
Drums 1, 6, 7, 10, 11 Georvis Pico
Electric Guitar David Abad
Trumpets Juan Munguia
Trombone Joulien Ferrer
Tenor Sax Inoldel González
Baritone Sax 1, 5 Sergio Bienzobas
Coros Daria Delgado, Juan Antonio Gil y Pérez; Dariella Pérez, Lia Pérez y Yanitza Acevedo Track 11
Invited Artists Josemi Carmona (Guitar 9); Antonio Serrano (Harmonica 3); Antonio Sánchez (Guitar, 3); Jorge Arribas (Accordion 8);  Pedro Pablo Rodríguez Mireles (Batás 1 & 10); Pepa Solana (Coros 10)
Producers Alaín Pérez & Luis Albert
Musical Production Alaín Pérez
Executive Producer Luis Albert
Recording and Mix José Mendoza, Emilio Mercader; Assistants Pablo Baselga & Pedro Baselga
Mastering Ronnie Torres
Studios Recording: Infinity Estudios, Madrid; Mercader Estudio, Madrid; Mix: Mercado Estudio, Madrid; Mastering: Power Light Studios & DRIM Enterprises Inc. Orlando
Bill Tilford - Thursday, 02 July 2015, 10:11 PM