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SpanishEnglishLecuona JóJazz -(Colibrí) - 2014

CD Review: Lecuona JóJazz by Various Artists (Colibrí 2014)
Review by BIll Tilford, all rights reserved

This inventive Jazz treatment of some of Ernesto Lecuona's compositions features a few of the winners of Cuba's JóJazz competition, an annual competition dedicated to young Jazz artists in Cuba. Four different pianists - José Luís Pacheco, Alejandro Meroño, Rolando Luna and Alejandro Falcón - take three songs apiece.  There is a stellar roster of musicians in the combos for which each of them did arrangements as well.  

Each of the four pianists brings a different musical personality to their selections, which range from very relaxed (but virtuosic) to very intense.   There is a nice mix of moods in the compositions as well. 

Lecuona JóJazz was nominated for a Cubadisco award in the Jazz Cubano category in 2015.  I'm not sure whether it is out in the marketplace yet, but it will be worth having when it is. 


1. Estás en mi corazón
2. Te vas juventud
3. Para Vigo me voy
4. Gitanerlas
5. Canto Siboney
6. En 3 por 4
7. Canción del amor triste. 
8. Damisela encantadora
9. Tú no tienes corazón
10. La comparsa
11. Danza lucumi
12. A la antigua

Personnel in Lecuona JóJazz

Role - InstrumentName
Piano, Arrangements Jorge Luís Pacheco (1, 2, 3); Alejandro Meroño (4, 5, 6); Rolando Luna (7, 8, 9); Alejandro Falcón (10, 11, 12)
Trumpet Yasek Manzano
Alto and Soprano Sax Michel Herrera (10, 11, 12)
Congas  Edgar Martínez Ochoa (1, 2, 3); Adel Gonzalez (10, 11, 12)
Botija Edgar Martínez Ochoa (3)
Bass  David Faya Cordova (1, 2, 3); Randi Bordón (4, 5, 6); Gastón Joya (7, 8, 9); Jorge Reyes (10, 11, 12)
Drums   Ruy López-Nussa (1, 2, 3); Lennon Ruíz (4, 5, 6); Rodney Yilarza Barreto (7, 8, 9); raúl Herrera (10, 11, 12)
Musical Production Alexis Vázquez Aguilera
Executive Production Ileana Rios
Recording, Mix and Mastering Adalbeerto herandez "Berti"
Studio Estudios PM RECORD
Bill Tilford - Thursday, 14 April 2016, 11:04 PM