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Type Artist Product Date Author
CD JG Quenomecontrolen-icon Que no me controlen - (Ahí Namá) - Released 2014

JG's second album has has a contemporary, upbeat sound that epitomizes Cuba's youth culture. I highly recommend it for dancers and DJs. Put this on at parties and watch the dance floor fill up!

06/19/2015 Michelle White
CD Manhattan School of Music Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra Qvhs Que Viva Harlem

Bobby Sanabria and the Manhattan School of Music Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra hit it out of the park again with Que Viva Harlem, a relentlessly swinging tribute to New York's Golden Age.

06/08/2015 Ian Stewart
CD Interactivo Interactivoqulindosmall Que líndo es el amor - (Independent) - Released 2013

Interactivo's latest release puts a heavy emphasis on Funk, R & B and modern Cuban dance music, and it brings the roster of musicians to make it all work. The best of a series of excellent releases by this group, and - a bonus- even those who live in the United States can buy it on-line. Winner of the Fusion category in Cubadisco 2014.

06/03/2014 Bill Tilford
CD Tito Puente Quatrosmall Quatro: The Definitive Collection - (Sony Music Latin) Released 2012

Tito Puente, while not Cuban himself, always made it perfectly clear that the music that he played was of Cuban origins. This 5-CD retrospective includes some of the best of his more Jazz-oriented work along with some of his greatest dance hits.

06/16/2013 Bill Tilford
CD Rumbankete Rumbanketesmall Que No Pare La Fiesta - (Independent Release) Released 2011

Shhh, don't tell anybody, but this "Progressive Salsa" band in LA plays some very good Songo and Timba too. We wouldn't want some of the "I don't like Timba" people currently dancing to this to freak out...

10/16/2011 Bill Tilford