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Type Artist Product Date Author
CD Hermanos Arango Benditasmall Bendita Guanabacoa

ENGLISH: The Arango Family has been a giant force in Rumba, Cuban Jazz, Afrocuban Folklore and Timba for decades. Bendita Guanabacoa by Hermanos Arango, nominated for a Cubadisco in 2019, brings it all together In a wonderful new recording that contains genuine surprises even for well-educated ears.
ESPAÑOL: La familia Arango ha sido una fuerza gigante en Rumba, Jazz cubano, Folclore afrocubano y Timba hace décadas. Bendita Guanabacoa por Hermanos Arango, nominado para un Cubadisco en 2019, lo reúne todo en una nueva grabación maravillosa que contiene sorpresas genuinas incluso para oídos bien formados.

09/22/2019 Bill Tilford
CD Dafnis Prieto Big Band Dpbb_coversmall Back to the Sunset - (Independent) - Released 2017

ENGLISH: Dafnis Prieto's new project, the Dafnis Prieto Big Band, proves that all those who keep trying to write the obituary for new, creative big band music need to throw their crayons in the trash, shut up, and listen. Big bands live, and they are still doing new and exciting things.
ESPAÑOL: El nuevo proyecto de Dafnis Prieto, el Dafnis Prieto Big Band, muestra que todos los que intentan escribir el obituario de la música nueva y creativa de big band deben tirar sus lápices de colores en la basura, callarse y escuchar. Las grandes bandas todavía viven, y todavía hacen cosas nuevas y emocionantes.

06/30/2018 Bill Tilford
CD Bobby Carcassés y AfroJazz Bobby-carcassés-y-afrojazz_blues-con-montuno_bis-music_2017timbasmall Blues Con Montuno - (Bis Music) - Released 2017

ENGLISH: Blues Con Montuno is the latest release by master showman and Jazz artist Bobby Carcassés. It won a Premio Cubadisco in 2017 for Jazz Soloists. There is indeed some excellent Cuban Blues here, but the album features the styles of Jazz for which Bobby is renowned (some of it danceable, naturally). And, there is, of course, a lot of great scat singing.
ESPAÑOL: Blues Con Montuno es el nuevo lanzamiento de Master Showman y jazzista Bobby Carcassés. El álbum un premio Cubadisco en 2017 en la categoría Jazz Solistas. Hay de verdad un poco de excelente Blues cubano aquí, pero el álbum ofrece los estilos de Jazz para los cuales Bobby es renombrado (incluyendo el Jazz bailable, naturalmente), Y, por supuesto, hay un montón de scateando.

06/17/2017 Bill Tilford
CD/DVD Zule Guerra & Blues de Habana Bluesdehabanasmall Blues de Habana - (EGREM) released 2015

This is the VERY impressive debut release by Zule Guerra & Blues de Habana, a relatively new presence in the Nu Jazz scene that is beginning to flower in Cuba. Yasek Manzano and Bobby Carcassés add additional firepower to an already formidable group. This hasn't really hit the US yet, but when it does it may make some waves.

01/25/2016 Bill Tilford
DVD Various Artists Bailarcasinofacilsmall Bailar Casino es muy facil - Rueda Entertainment & RTV Commercial 2005

Made in Cuba with a great deal of passion for the subject, this video about Rueda de Casino is a multilevel instructional course AND includes history and interviews with founders of this now-global dance phenomenon.

11/29/2015 Bill Tilford
CD Descemer Bueno Buenosmall Bueno - (Bis Music) Released 2013

Bueno was one of two winners of the Composers Prize in Cubadisco 2013 and also won the Canción Contemporánea and Videoclip categories. Includes several collaborations with other prominent Cuban artists. This is a popular music album, but several promient Cuban Jazz musicians appear in the roster for the project. .

06/05/2014 Bill Tilford
CD Chucho Valdés Border-freecoversmall Border-Free - (Jazz Village) Released 2013.07.09

The back story to the cover art started some interesting conversations within the Latin Jazz community, but nobody can reasonably deny that Chucho's new release is musically intense. Released in Cuba under Colibrí label with the title Sin Fronteras, this was nominated for a GRAMMY (Latin Jazz) and a Cubadisco (Jazz Cubano)

05/27/2013 Bill Tilford