History and Discography of Irakere - 1982 - Live in Puerto Rico

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December, 1982: Tierrazo Concert in Puerto Rico

This 1982 concert video from Puerto Rico is priceless - live Irakere at its best, with three of their best tracks. In El tata, El Tosco is playing piccolo with the horn section, but you can imagine him taking notes as Oscar Valdés sings saca las manos, saca los pies, (source). Now fast-forward 8 years to Tosco's NG La Banda arrangement of Los sitios entero (source).

The 2-DVD set also includes the extremely young Giovanni Hidalgo with Batacumbele and various other groups. Here are the Irakere tracks:

El tata 10:52
Chucho's Theme 1 4:25
Chucho's Theme 3 1:30
Chaca 7:34
Chaca 2 8:47
Ese atrevimiento 13:12
Juana 1600 5:43

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