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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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SpanishEnglishLa Salsa TIene Mi Son - (Bis Music) Released 2015

CD REVIEW: La Salsa Tiene Mi Son "Homenaje a Elio Revé"
 Elito Revé y su Charangón

Bis Music 2015
Review by Bill Tilford, all rights reserved. 

2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Elio Revé y su Charangón (aka Orquesta Revé) by Elio Revé Matos of Guantanamo (23 June 1930-24 July 1997).  His son Elito Revé has directed the orchestra since his death, and this recording commemorates 60 years of the Orchestra. 

It's impossible to exaggerate the importance of the Charangón to modern Cuban dance music.   Not only did it take Changüi, a folkloric form that has been around forever, in new directions, it also played an important role in the development of many of the musicians who later formed other important orchestras including  Los Van Van (including Juan Formell himself), Ritmo Oriental and Dan Den (including Juan Carlos Alfonso, who contributes a few arrangements to this new recording) among others.     Kevin Moore has more to say about the role of Revé here. 

This recording is not a full historical retrospective; rather it focuses heavily on the 1980s and 1990s, but the selections are excellent, and the many guest vocalists and musicians fit perfectly.  
The title of the album is a bit of a play on the song Mi Salsa Tiene Sandunga, which is also the first track. 

This album won both one of the two Gran Premio awards and the category Música Bailable - Maestros in Cubadisco 2016.    The music is still fresh enough that the Charangon may have another 60 years in it. 


1. Mi Salsa Tiene Sandunga (guest vocalist Juan Miguel Díaz Zayas "El Indio de la Revé")
2. La Ruñidera (guest vocalist Pablo Milanes)
3. Muévete Pa Aquí (guest vocalist Gilberto Santo Rosa)
4. Changüi Campanero (guest vocalist Issac Delgado)
5. Esa Mujer  (guest vocalist (Israel Rojas Fiel)
6. Pupu Chan Chan  (guest vocalist Armando Cantero "Mandy" y Juan Miguel Díaz Zayas "El Indio de la Revé")
7. Yo No Quiero Que Seas Celosa  (guest vocalist José Alberto "El Canario")
8. Espero Que Pase El Tiempo  (guest vocalist Haila Maía Mompié)
9. .A Mi Lo Mismo Me Da 
10. Lo Que Tu Esperabas (guest vocalist Sixto Llorente Terry "El Indio")
11. Que Cuento Es Ese (guest vocalist Mario Rivera "Mayito")
12. 1999 (guest vocalist Alexander Delgado)
13. Rumberos Latinoamericanos (guest vocalist Paulo Fernandez Gallo y Los Munequitos de Matanzas)

Roster for La Salsa Tiene Mi Son

Role - InstrumentName
Director General; piano 2, 7 Elito Revé Deverger
Musical Director; bass  Aisar Hernández Segundo
Vocal and Coros Susel Orietta Gómez Pérez "La China", Dagoberto Vázquez Valdés "El Clásico", Serguei Yera Madera "El Moro", Lázaro Maya Morejón "Lachy Fortuna"
Piano Wilfredo A. Naranjo Fernández
Tres René Avich Wanton
Trombones Yamer Pérez García, Orlando Montaner Valle, Yosniel Baró Farbes
Drums  Andy Fornet Betancourt
Congas Arian Chacón Hernandez
Güiro  Maykel Díaz Rodríguez
Bongó Ariel Hernández Lima
Invited Musicians Juan Carlos Alfonso, piano, 2; Yamer Pérez, trombone, 2 & 6; Orlando Valle "Maraca", flute, 4; Dayron Tordríguez, guitar, 6; Dagoberto A. Gonzalez Jr, violin 7; José Alberto "El Canario", whistle, 7; Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, rhythm 13; Juan Manuel Ceruto, baritone sax, 13
Recording Engineers  Jorge Benítez Herrera, Alexeis Pérez Guzmán   
Recording Assistants Milena Labastida, Dayana Rodríguez
Mix Engineers Isaías García Asbun, Alexeis Pérez Guzmán
Mastering Engineer Isaías García Asbun
Studios  Sounid ABDALA; PM RECORDS
Bill Tilford - Sunday, 03 July 2016, 07:18 AM