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Discography - 1976 - Session CA-1210


1976 - Session CA-1210
cuban music, musica cubana
photo courtesy of Osvaldo Martínez

CA1210 Enséñame tu baile Lola Juan Crespo Maza b-gu   
CA1210 Yo tuve un amor y fui feliz Juan Crespo maza b  
CA1210 Oriente cuna florida Emiliano Ponciano s  
CA1210 La juventud en el campo Perera/Lazaga s  

Enséñame tu baile Lola found its way onto the above-pictured compilation LP, 12 éxitos bailables (Areíto LD-3595). We're desperately looking for a recording of La juventud en el campo, the other up-tempo Ritmo Oriental original of from this session.

miércoles, 23 marzo 2011, 03:31 am