Discography - The Lost Session

The Lost Session

CA718 Mi socio Manolo Juan Crespo Maza gu-s  
CA718 Se perdió mi amor Juan Creso Maza gu-s  
CA718 Canto de la felicidad Enrique Lazaga gj-s  
CA718 Amor no dejes que te olvide Enrique Lazaga b-smb  
CA718 Hoy mi día triste Juan Crespo Maza b  
CA718 Déjame demostrarte Ramiro Reyes b  
CA718 Y se baila así Enrique Lazaga s-bt  
CA718 Que se sepa bien, mi amor Juan Crespo Maza gu-s  
CA718 Quién dice? Rodulfo Vaillant rt-dal  

The first 7 tracks were re-recorded for later albums, but the versions from this mysterious early session were apparently never released. Que se sepa bien and Quién dice (La Gorda) can be found on bootleg CDs so they must have made it to vinyl, but we still haven't found the EGREM numbers or photos. Please help!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 03:31 AM