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Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : 2022 Monterey Jazz Fe...
Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : 2022 Monterey Jazz Fe...
Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : 2022 Monterey Jazz Fe...
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Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : 2022 San Jose Jazz Su...
Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : 2022 San Jose Jazz Su...
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Thomas Sebastian De Paula Eby has several years of music studies in percussion behind him, including CNSEA in Havana, Cuba. With a huge feeling for arrangements and club music, he has had a strong influence on the later musical development within the band. Even if his main instrument is percussion, he is as well regarded for backing vocals and has toured with several of the biggest artists in Sweden. After four years on congas and doing backing vocals, Thomas took over the role as the lead singer in the band in 2004. (member since 2001)

Harry Wallin has several years of music studies behind him from various schools in Sweden. His main instrument is the drums and he’s mastered most of the genres from pop and rock to R&B, soul, jazz, afro pop and nowadays timba. As the son of the late jazz pianist Per Henrik Wallin, Harry grew up in a musical environment and has inherited a gift for music. Harry joined the band in 2002 and started with the drums. As the band has developed, Harry has gone over to play both the drums and timbales as one might do in Cuba. Today Harry is a well regarded freelance musician in Sweden, where has played with several well respected artists and bands covering a range of genres. (member since 2002)

Rickard "El Riki" Valdés is the one of two in the band without a formal musical education. Rickard has musical heritage in his blood. Born and bred into a legendary music family, his father is the nine-time Grammy winner, Bebo Valdés. Rickard himself has three Grammies from his time working with his father. Rickard is a founding member of Calle Real and started playing the bongos, followed by timbales and later the congas. His main instrument is timbales. With his special feeling for Cuban music he is one of the pillars of the rhythm section. He has played in his father’s band for about eight years and has participated on the Grammy winning albums, “Lagrimas Negras” and “Bebo de Cuba”. Today he is freelancing internationally as a percussionist. He has played with bands and artists like, Bebo Valdés, Chucho Valdés, Paquito D´Rivera, Giovanni Hidalgo, Patato Valdés, Juan Pablo Torrés, Francisco Aguabella, Diego Urcola, Michael Mossman, Mario Rivera, Luis Bonilla, Milton Cardona, Joe Gonzales, Pablo Calogero, Steve Berrios, John Benitez, Andy González, Jerry González, Dafnis Prieto, Raul Agraz, Bobby Porcelli, Douglas Purviance, Papo Vázquez, Ray Vega and Alicia Keys. (founding member)

Andreas "El Flaco" Unge is probably most known today as one of Europe’s most in-demand freelance musicians, with bass as his main instrument. He is also a well respected producer and is behind several commercial hits for European artists. Andreas has a degree from Musikkonservatoriet (Royal Music College) in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has played with artists like Ricky Martin, Christian Waltz and Simone Moreno as well as several Swedish singers, for example Robyn, Jennifer Brown, Jessica Folcker and Stephen Simmonds. He has also been the orchestra leader for several big Swedish artists. He has played on albums for Westlife, the Swedish folk music singer Sofia Karlsson and Henok (Ethiopian pop). Andreas joined Calle Real in 2003 and has by virtue of his precision and reliability, become a pillar of the band’s rhythm section. He is today one of the few contented owners of an Azola Baby bass, which is typical for timba. (member since 2003)

Gunnar "El Dony" Thullberg is a musician having both guitar and piano as his main instruments. He has also studied music in Havana, Cuba. His musicality is astounding, which makes him one of the most sought after salsa pianists in Scandinavia. His brilliant timing and groove drives the rhythm section for the band. Gunnar joined Calle Real in 2002 as a guitarist but changed over to piano when the band’s whole direction was modernised. On the side of university studies in economy Gunnar is freelancing as a musician, and has played with bands like Calixto Oviedo y La Recompensa, Gilito y su clave, La Tremenda, Horace Korn and Hans Solo Super Orchestra. (member since 2002)

Karl "El Kafri” Frid is a very talented trombonist and has attended schools such as The Royal College of Music in London and CNSEA in Havana, Cuba. Kalle also has a degree from Kungliga Musikhögskolan (The Royal Music College in Sweden) and joined the band in 2003. In the beginning, he played with Petter to create a brass section, later go over to backing vocals and playing güiro. Today Kalle is a very sought after musician who has played with several well known Swedish artists. (member since 2003)

Patricio Sobrado is self-taught on guitar and tres. He got hooked on Cuban music and tres after several trips to Cuba where he had private lessons. With a masters degree as a civil engineer from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (The Royal College of Engineering) in Stockholm and several years as a project leader he was one of the founders of the band in 1999. Patricio is also freelancing in smaller settings in Cuban traditional music and has played in several folk music groups. The music probably comes from both his mother, who used to teach in Chilean folklore dance, and from his father, who’s relatives are a part of the well known Chilean band, Los Jaivas. Patricio currently resides in Chile. (founding member)

Jacek Onuskiewicz was born in Poland in the 1980’s and started playing the trumpet when he was 13 years old. He’s currently studying at Kungliga Musikhögskolan (The Royal Music College in Sweden) and before that he went to the Music College in Örebro, Sweden. Jacek became a steady member of the band in 2005 and has since made himself known through his ability to play the highest notes. Aside from his studies he works as a freelance musician and has toured with various Swedish artists and bands. (member since 2005)

Jonas Pomo is a trained jazz pianist who sings coro with Calle Real. This allows him to take over on piano on occassion such as whan the band performs "Ya lo sé" and Gunnar moves to guitar. Jonas was producer on the album "¿!Dime Qué?!" In addition to Calle Real Jonas is a full-time freelance musician. He has even founded his own band - Orquesta Pomo - which has also made waves both in Sweden and internationally - but is on hiatus for the moment due to a lack of time. (member since 2015)

Nils Janson is a trumpet player, composer and arranger. He began his studies at the age of nine and was soon playing in youth jazz bands. He studied at Kungliga Musikhögskolan (The Royal Music College in Sweden). He has toured the world with groups such as Fredrik Norén Band and Mando Diao playing styles from jazz to rock to electronic ska-fusion to salsa.(member since 2010)

Kristian Persson Trombone

Peter Fredriksson Trombone

Filip Olandersson Trumpet



Previous Bandmembers

Petter "El Chocolate" Linde has a degree from Kungliga Musikhögskolan (The Royal Music College in Sweden) in Stockholm in jazz and Afro-American music. Petter joined the band in 2001 and was leader of the the brass section until his departure in 2009. Today Petter has both arranged music for, as well as played with many Swedish artists. He currently has his own timba project and has released the singles "El Bicho"and "Pesadilla" . (Member 2001-2009)

Cezary Tomaszewski is an experienced trombone player who has studied at several music schools. His distinctive trombone sound is something sought after in terms of obtaining a tough sound which suits the music. Cezary became a member of the band in 2005. Aside from his studies, Cezary has become a sought after musician and has played with among others, La Tremenda, Pepe Espinosa & TIMBAKÓ and Jerry Galante. He left the band in 2008 when he moved aborad and has been working as a musician in London. (Member 2005-2008)

Patrick Bonné

Magnus Ehrenborg vocals

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