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Se llama sabroso - ZONA FRANKA

Tom Ehrlich - 2012-07-22 San Francisco


The Symphony played the first set including songs from Westside Story. They also opened the second set and then Tiempo Libre joined them playing four Cuban standards. The intensity level increased significantly and in fact, the crowd insisted on an encore where Tiempo Libre played Mecánica by themselves and the crowd went nuts.

MC Luis Medina of KPFA 

Conductor Michael Francis

Jorge Gómez back stage

El Kid

Jorge Gómez

San Francisco Symphony

Conductor and Armando Arce

Armando Arce back stage

Leandro González

El Kid and Leandro González

Jorge Gómez

El Kid

Wilvi Rodríguez Guerra

Tiempo Libre


Luis Beltrán

Baby timbera

Ana Herrera - local promoter, restaurateur

Raúl Rodríguez back stage

Leandro González back stage

El Kid and Ana Herrera back stage

El Kid


Armando Arce, Wilvi Rodríguez Guerra and Jorge Gomez in the back

Leandro González warming up

lunes, 24 diciembre 2012, 09:42 am