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Tom Ehrlich - 2016 SF Salsa Rueda Festival


FEBRUARY 13, 2016


The 8th annual San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival was 4 days of dance classes, dance performances, outstanding live music performances, top DJs and Timbaversity classes. This years festival featured Tirso Duarte with Timbalive with the García brothers Leo and Coky. I attended Saturday night (Feburary 13) and what follows are some of my photos. 

Tirso Duarte

Kati Hernandez teaching dance class

Drummers for Kati Hernandez's dance class

Yaniel Chini Perez

Yeni Molinet teaching a Raggaeton dance class

Yaniel Chini Perez dance routine

Dance performance by women from Mexico City

Dance performance by Kendra Carter of Salsa Belles

Yeni Molinet and Roly Maden

Los Cali dance group

Yeni Molinet, exquisite Cuban dancer, now living in Europe

Ladies from Mexico City

Roberto Borrell and Kati Hernandez

Kevin "Dr. Timba" Moore teaching a class on Tirso Duarte's piano timbaos

Tirso Duarte

Tirso Duarte, Reylon Remon, Carlos Parra and Michel Marcos

Tirso and Reylon

Bayron Ramos

Edwin Magadariaga

Tirso tore it up on his piano solo , music went a few levels higher after that

Michel Marcos

Leo Garcia

Leo Garcia, Reylon Remon and Carlos Parra

Coky Garcia who has played with Emiliano Salvador, Opus 13 and Jane Bunnett.

Coky and Leo Garcia's father, Roberto Garcia was also a well known Cuban percussionist who played with Orquesta Cubana de Musica Moderna and Buena Vista Social Club.

Edwin Magadariaga

Coky Garcia

Niche Romero and his wife Cecilia Pelosi

Carlos Parra

Coky Garcia on congas and his nephew Michel Ruiz Garcia on trumpet

Reylon Remon

Michel Ruiz Garcia

Livan Mesa formerly played keyboards with Issac Delgado

Coky Garcia

Michel Marcos

Leo Garcia

Leo Garcia

Thursday, 05 September 2019, 11:50 PM