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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series

Tom Ehrlich - Havana d'Primera Santa Cruz 6-4-13



JUNE 4, 2013


Alexander Abreu - leader, vocals, trumpet
Tony Rodríguez - piano
Avis Tobías - bass
Harold Díaz Escobar - teclado
Keisel Jiménez - drums/percussion
Guillermo del Toro Varela - drums/percussion
Mauricio Gutiérrez Upman - drums/percussion
Amaury Pérez Rodríguez - trombone, coro
Jannier Rodríguez - coro
Enrique Luis Pérez - coro
Rogelio Nápoles - guitar
Uyuni Martínez Romero - trumpet
Orlando Jesús Vázquez - trumpet
Angel Batule - sound engineer

This is the last of the three concerts Havana D' Primera had in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Although Kuumbwa Jazz Center lacks room to dance it was great hearing this group in a small, intimate venue with an outstanding sound system.  The band played three instrumentals where Alexander tore it up on the trumpet.   The enthusiastic crowd gave the band numerous standing ovations and the isles were filled with dancers.

Bobbi Todaro of Kuumbwa Jazz Center introducing the band

Alexander Abreu

Regelio Nápoles guitar

Alexander and Jannier Rodríguez maracas


Left to right Enrique Luis Pérez, Alexander, JannierRodríguez

Tony Rodríguez

Keisel Jiménez

Guillermo Del Toro Valela

Avis Tobías bass, Alexander

Left to right Tony Rdoríguez, Enrique Luis Pérez, Avis Tobías

Jannier Rodríguez

Mauricio Gutiérrez Upman

Tony Rodríguez piano, Alexander

Avis Tobías

Harold Días Escobar techlado, Rogélio Nápoles guitar

Keisel Jiménez

Harold Díaz Escobar

Alexander Abreu's magical trumpet






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