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Kiki Valera - Vivencias en clave cubana - New Cuban Son album - Traditional Cuban Music

Tom Ehrlich - Chappottin at kuumbwa


Chappottin y Sus Estrellas first US tour included the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, CA. They had the crowd smiling and dancing all night!!!

The founding of the band dates back to the 1940s. Its founder Arsenio Rodríguez was one the country's most renowned band leaders with major influences on the Latin jazz and Salsa music of the next decades. With his Conjunto he was the first to add reed and brass instruments to a Latin band at that time. When Arsenio Rodríguez left Cuba in 1950 to undergo an ophthalmological intervention in New York to treat his eye disease, he handed the musical direction over to his first trumpet player, Felix Chappottín. The band was renamed "Felix Chappottín y su Conjunto todos estrellas". Felix Chappottín directed the band successfully until the year of his death in 1983. From 1983 until the 1990s his son Angel Chappottín Valdes was musical director. Since then the grandson of Felix Chappottín Jesus Angel Chappottín Coto has directed the "Conjunto Chappottín" together Miguelito Cuni jr., singer, percussionist. Miguelito Cuni is the son of the former lead singer Miguel Cuni. (From Wikipedia)

Band members for their US tour includes:

Jesus "El Niño" Chappottin - Director/lead trumnpet
Miguel "Cuni" Conill, Jr. - vocals
Ramon Nuñez - trumpet
Agustin Someillan - trumpet
Eloy Abreau - trumpet
Eduardo Sandoval - vocals
José Lussón Rivera - vocals
Armando Fuentes - bass
Joaquin "El Pulpo" Pozo - bongo/percussion
Victor Agustin Linen - tres
Omar Jesùs Hernandez - congas
Efrain Cuesta Marloica - piano

Ramon Nuñez

Agustin Someillan

Eduardo Sandoval left and Miguel "Cuni" Conill Jr.

Joaquin "El Pulpo" Pozo congas and Victor Agustin Linen tres

El Pulpo bongo

Left to right Jesus "El Niño" Chappottin, Roberto Borrell, Claudia FInkle, Miguel "Cuni" Conill, Jr, and manager Kaisha Johnson

Left to right Eduardo Sandoval, Cuni, Roberto Borrell, José Lussón Rivera

Eduardo Sandoval

Eloy Abreu

Cuni and Roberto Borell

Victor Agustin Linen tres and Joaquin Pozo

Jesús "El Niño" Chappottin

Agustin Someillan

José Lussón Rivera

Cuni and Lussón

Omar Jesús Hernandez congas, Victor Agustin Linen tres, Armando Fuentes bass

Efrain Cuesta Marlotica



Roberto Borrell and Grace Torres dancers

Armando Fuentes

Left to right Joaquin Pozo bell, Ramon Nuñez, Eloy Abreu and Agustin Somillan

Eloy Abreu

Eduardo Sandoval

Victor Agustin Linen

Omar Jesús Hernandez

Joaquin Pozo

Jesus "El Niño" Chappottin


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