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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series

Tom Ehrlich - Cubanismo 2016 Concert


MARCH 24, 2016 THROUGH MARCH 27, 2016



Cubanismo returned to the San Francisco Bay Area for 4 days of sold out concerts at San Francisco Jazz's exquisite Miner Auditorium.  There was no dance floor, but with a little encouragement from the band and some hot son music, the croud was on its feet dancing in whatever space they could find.  Jesús Alemañy and his bandmates were on fire all night, with great dance grooves, beautiful boleros and outstanding solos.


The band included:

Jesús Alemañy leader and lead trumpet

Gabriel Hernández - piano

Jorge Luis "Papiosco" Torres - congas

Evelio Galan - vocals

José "Gilito" Piñera - vocals 

Alina Vila - vocals

Pablosky Rosales - tres

Arys Montenegro - bongo & bell

Alexis Baro - trumpet

Cristobal Verdecia - bass

Osmany Collado Martinez - alto sax

Jorge Maza - baritone sax and flute

Daniel Ortiz - trombone

Antonio "Pachá" Portuondo - timbales

What follows are some photos from their Saturday night performance.


Jesús Alemañy, Alina Vila and Gilito

Alina Vila

Alexis Baro

Alina Vila and Gilito

Arys Montenegro bongo, Papiosco congas and Jesús Alemañy in the background

Cristobal Verdicia bass and Gabriel Hernández

Evelio Galan

Gabriel Hernández piano and Cristobal Verdicia bass

Gabriel Hernández

Jorge Maza baritone sax, Osmany Collado Martínez alto sax, Alexis Baro trumpet and Daniel Ortiz trombone

Jorge Maza flute

Pablosky Rosales



Saturday, 02 April 2016, 05:00 AM