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Fotos Del Día [hide]

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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series

Tom Ehrlich - Haila Mompie



The New Year in the San Francisco Bay Area started out with an explosive show by Haila Mompie and an all star band of local musicians including musical director and bassist Ernesto Mazar Kindelán-Fairfield, conguero Jesús Díaz, Omar Ledezma, Jr. singing coro and güiro, Jenny Love singing coro, Julio de la Cruz on keyboards, Colin Douglas on drum set/timbales, Mike Rinta and Carlos Hernández on trombones, two trumpets and a saxophone.

DJs Walt Digz and José Ruiz

Two of the best DJs in the Bay Area spun some hot dance music beofre Haila took the stage.

                                                                        DJ Walt Digz

                             DJ and radio personality Luis Medina introducing Haila

Haila Monpié

Ernesto Mazar Kindelán-Fairfiled bass and Colin Douglas drums

Jesús Díaz

Nothing stops this couple from dancing

Julio de la Cruz

Haila and Omar Ledezma, Jr.


Julio de la Cruz

Jesús Díaz

Haila, Omar and Jenny Love

Omar Ledezma, Jr. and Jesús Díaz

Horn Section

Ernesto, Omar and fan

 Jesús Díaz, Luis Cespedes and José Ruiz


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