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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series

Tom Ehrlich - 6-21-15-stern-grove




JUNE 21, 2015


Stern Grove has been presenting free concerts for the last 78 years.  Every Sunday afternoon thousands of Bay Area people attend these concerts in a beautiful park setting.   Grammy award winners (2014 best salsa group) Pacific Mambor Orchestra performed at the Grove on June 21, 2015 featuring Salsamania Dance Group, Marlow Rosado and Sheila E to a large enthusiastic crowd.

What follows are photos of the sound check, which will be followed by concert photos very soon.

Christain Tumalan, co-leader with Alexa Morales and Jackie Rago

Omar Ledezma

Alexa Morales, Marlow Rosado and Christian Tumalan

Member of Salsamania Dance Company

Michael Lazarus, band manager and Christian Tumalan

Braulio Barrera

Javier Cabanillas

Jeff Lewis

Braulio Barrera and Omar Ledezma

Steffen Kuehn, co-director

Food crew, Julie Alvarez-Thumas, Rosario Cervantes and Bill Martinez (with hat)

Christain Tumalan and his daughter

Christian Tumalan 

Right to left Jeff Lewis, Steffen Kuehn, Luis Fasman and unknown

PMO sound guy

Steffen Kuehn 

Jamie Dubberly

Julio de la Cruz

Braulio Barrera

Alexa Morales

Omar Ledezma

Steffen Kuehn and Jeff Lewis

Last munite instructions

Left to right Christian Tumalan, Steven Haines (director and producer of the Stern Grove Muisc Festival), Steffen Kuehn and Michael Lazarus

Alexa Morales

Javier Cabanillas

Christian Tumalan

Christian Tumalan's daughter getting the charts ready

Julie Alvarez-Thuman, Alexa Morales and Rosario Cervantes

Jackie Rago

Jackie Rago

Marlow Rosado

Julio de la Cruz



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