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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series

Tom Ehrlich - Arsenio Rodríguez Project - rehearsal



SEPTEMBER 27, 2013


Master musicians from New York City, Los Angeles, Cuba and San Francisco Bay Area combined to present the uncomparable music of one of the greatest musicians, composers and innovators of the 20th century or any century for that matter -ARSEÑIO RODRÍGUEZ.

What follows are photos from the project's rehearsal in San Francisco in preparation for their concert at Yoshi's San Francisco on Otober 28, 2013.  Thanks to Guido Herrera and Peggy Jo Oliva for bringing the project to the Bay.

Photos of the concert at Yoshi's will be posted very soon.

Legendary tres player from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico and living in New York City since 1970, Nelson González

Eduardo Herrera singer from the Bay Area, Caridad Perico Hernández Cubano from Los Angeles playing claves.

Nelson González

El El Niche Romero and Roberto Morris both from Cuba residing in the Bay Area

Marco Díaz stand out Bay Area pianist and Nelson Rodríguez

Nelson González

José Mangual, Jr. Nuyorican legendary perucssionist, composer, arrnager and band leader, Cuban Carlos Caro living in the Bay Area and Nelson González

Yosmiel Montejo from Cuba lives in New Mexico and will move to Los Angeles soon


El El Niche Romero

Niche trumpet, Carlos Caro congas, José Mangual, Jr. bell

José Mangual, Jr.

Mangual and Carlos Caro

Cuban Josiel Pérez now residing in Los Angeles was the musical director of the project

Josiel Pérez setting the rhythm


Josiel Pérez leading and Niche

Josiel Pérez

Perico Hernández and Nelson González on the congas

Eduardo Herrera



Roberto Morris

Left to right Roberto Morris, Niche Romero and Josiel Pérez

Yosmiel Montejo and Carlos Caro


Monday, 28 October 2013, 09:35 PM