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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Les Presento - APT - Maria Lourdes Borrajero

Thursday Jan 7 2010
Les Presento a: Maria Lourdes Borrajero

cuban music, musica cubanaMaria Lourdes

Maria Lourdes is a star in the aspect of the music, television, modeling, and acting. She has done more than anybody can imagine, and accomplished almost the impossible. Not only that she has overwhelmed thousands and thousands of people by her sexual appeal but by her outstanding talent as a singer and composer, but of her kind heart towards her fans. She is a promising bright star and will keep on giving her best to the fans and share her music to millions more so she can make an even bigger difference than what she has done already. Maria Lourdes starred in the well-known contest done by the City Of Miami, Miami Idol with more than 1000 people trying out; she made it to the finals, making her the top finalist for this great event. Maria Lourdes was also a semi-finalist in the World Beauty Championship in 2005. With this entire thing going on, she found the opportunity she had been waiting for and that was to work on television (with big channels such as Univision, Galavision, Telefutura, etc.) not for one channel but for more than four. As a co-host, model, dancer, actress, and singer/writer. With all these accomplishments she made her first American Movie as the protagonist in the film “Crossing the 09W17”.

She has presented herself as singer/writer (ASCAP) in more than 52 different TV shows. María Lourdes has had the pleasure of singing in events, and concerts with more than 100,000 in the audience. She is also the image and model of the products of JC Hammer. Thankful to all her accomplishments in such a short amount of time, she got the opportunity to rexord hr very first independent music production named "Sensual(2006)" which was musically arranged by Jorge Arronte and the great Composer Roberto Hernandez and the work herself of Maria Lourdes which previews 5 songs he has written, and 5 songs Maria Lourdes has written. "Its a blessing to have my CD in my hands"- María Lourdes states, and she has the best attitude toward her artistic life, and wants to make a difference in her musicand show the world who she is. María Lourdes was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey on January 5,in the USA. At the simple age of 2 she started with her dance life in ballet, jazz, and tap. She then incorporated the rest modeling, hip-hop, belly dancing, lyrical, and Latin music. She then started in chorus and acting classes. Over the years she started to notice herself attracted to the whole entertainment business (television) getting herself noticed at the simple age of 4, showing her talent of dancing in front of millions. Shortly after, got involved in private singing lessons, and yearning to make her own songs. Even though she has had to deal with education, family, friends, and her music, modeling, television, acting life she always manages to look for the time and give her all to make a difference in her fans and in herself. “I think that life is precious, and you always have to have God in your heart, peace, and show love and positive attitude towards your fans and the audience.” –Maria Lourdes claims. She is planning to continue and go even further in her career and making the very best out of it.

Recently Maria Lourdes released her new CD called “Sin Genero” which is composed of different genres for all types of Latin cultures. Maria Lourdes also included as 2 of her tracks the English language as well. In this CD she got the opportunity to be an official songwriter and actually write some of the songs featured in the CD “Sin Genero.” She did her album release in North Carolina and in South Carolina, which was a total hit. She recently has toured in Pennsylvania, and the Bahamas.

In “Sin Genero (2007)” there is a mix of rhythms and different genres involved with Maria Lourdes’s sensual voice that simply captivates anyone who hears her music.

Maria Lourdes was nomimated and chosen in "Premio Estrella" with her song "Angel Prohibido" in the genre of Trance Pop. This song is in her second cd "Sin Genero." 

Nacida en el seno de una familia de raíces artísticas, María Lourdes nació en Elizabeth, New Jersey, Estados Unidos el 5 de enero de 1989 .Desde la corta edad de 2 años comenzó con su vida artística, estudiando en reconocidas academias de baile, ballet, jazz, y tap. Más tarde incorporo, hip-hop, belly dancing, lyrical, música latina, modelaje y actuación. 

A la edad de 4 años de edad mostró su talento a través de la televisión, haciendo sus propias coreografías de ballet y declamando, incorporándose así al mundo del entretenimiento. Luego comenzó clases privadas de canto y a componer sus propias canciones. 

El tiempo pasó y tuvo un gran impacto en la reconocida competencia llamada Ídolo de Miami (Miami Idol) donde pretendieron más de 1000 personas. María llegó a ser de las últimas finalistas de este evento después de dos meses de competencia semanales. También fue finalista en la competencia mundial de belleza (World Beauty Championship) celebrada en Miami, Estados Unidos en el 2005. Como modelo es la figura que representa todos los productos de la compañía JC HAMMER. Además de ser modelo de múltiples programas en la cadena televisiva de Univision, tales como Premios Juventud (2004, 2005,2006). En el 2007 en Premio Juventud entro en la alfombra roja(este ano morada) como toda una personalidad en el mundo del arte. 

Actualmente trabaja para más de 2 canales de televisión semanalmente como co-presentadora, actriz, cantautora modelo.Después de un riguroso casting obtuvo el papel principal de la cinta norteamericana “Crossing the 09W17” la cual será estrenada mundialmente en festivales de cines próximamenteTrabaja todos los miércoles en Don Francisco Presenta en Univision cantando en la orquesta del show. 

Como cantautora (ASCAP) se ha presentado en innumerables programas de televisión. Ha tenido el honor de cantar en eventos, y conciertos con más de 100,000 personas de audiencia en N.Carolina Charlotte(2006-2007). Recientemente ha actuado en S.Carolina , Chicago, Pennsylvania, Bahamas, Atlanta. Agradecida con todos estos acontecimientos en tan corto tiempo, obtuvo la oportunidad de grabar su primera producción musical independiente, titulada Sensual(2006). Los arreglos musicales fueron por el maestro Jorge Arronte y el compositor Roberto Hernández. El CD incluye 10 temas musicales inéditos, de los cuales 5 fueron compuestos por María Lourdes y 5 por Roberto Hernández. 

Lanzo su calendario 2007 bajo la confeccion de su fotografo “Baron DaParre” su segundo Cd “Sin Genero(2007)”un cd muy diferente, ella se inspiro en la versatilidad de culturas que hay en usa, y por lo tanto va incluida musica como hip-hop, salsa, pop, nortena, banda, salsa, cumbia, caribena,..donde todas las culturas quedaran muy complacidas ya que hay varios numeros en español y otros en ingles,un cd lleno de ritmo,alegria y donde invita a bailar, ya que Maria Lourdes canta y compone en los dos idiomas.Su voz es de un angel y hace honor a uno de sus temas escritos por ella “Angel prohibido”....en cada concierto que ha dado promoviendo este nuevo CD “Sin Genero” que acaba de lanzar con solo 18 anos todos quieren que regrese al dia siguiente o que no se acabe el concierto.

Maria Lourdes fue nominada y premiada en "Premio Estrella" con su tema como cantautora "Angel Prohibido." Esta cancion la pueden escuchar en su segunda produccion "Sin Genero."

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