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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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** Interested in reporting on Cuban music from Miami? Please email us at reportes [at] timba [dot] com so that we can consider adding you as a reporter.  If you are approved, we can provide you with a press pass you can use for concerts and shows. Press support is also available to clear you for dance congress events and festivals.  We are seeking a writer who lives in the area, understands the music, is dedicated and writes well. **

Welcome to our section about Miami.  We are seeking a Miami resident to cover the scene there (see above if interested).

28 February 2015

See the February 8 post for Global Cuba Fest, which is coming up next weekend. 

8 February 2015

Well, it's been a while, but this is too important not to mention.  First of all, congrats to both Palo! and Aymee Nuviola for their GRAMMY nominations in Best Tropical Latin.  Both of their albums are excellent.  


GLOBAL CUBA FEST, March 7, 13, 14; April 11, 2015
Miami Dade County Auditorium and The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse

Opening night, March 7, features a marathon of some of Cuba's best young pianists (Harold López-Nussa, Aldo López-Gavilán and Jorge Luis Pacheco followed by Volcán with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Horacio El Negro Hernandez, Giovanny Hidalgo and Armando Goia.   A Latin Fusion group from Switzerland, Lariba, closes the show.   This should be an explosive evening.  

On March 13-14, Yissy Garcia and Bandancha comes in from Cuba.  Yissy isn't that well known in the United States yet, but she will be in time.  This writer has heard her in Cuba, and check our the presentation for her crowdfunding package (which was successful) for her forthcoming album:

So, she should be a must-see as well.  
Finally, Omar Sosa is in on April 11.   Also a must-see. 

For complete details, check out the Fundarte website, which includes videos of the other artists,  here 

11 May 2014


Frankie Pineiro, conguero, leader of Guisando Caliente and Viva Cal, and perhaps most importantly for all of us ever involved in a Latin Jazz recording, host of the Afro Cuban Jazz Edition on WSLR in Sarasota, Florida, has had a series of health issues lately that have left him with a mountain of medical bills. WSLR is sponsoring a benefit concert on May 18 to help him with those expenses. If you have had a Latin Jazz recording of quality in the past few years, odds are pretty good that he played you on his show.   If you want to contribute, you don't need to actually go to the show - you can purchase a ticket or tickets and donate that way.  WSLR's link for this benefit is

El Nuevo Herald recently published an article about Timba.com (en español), which you can read here.  Thanks for the recognition of our efforts!

13 April 2014

Two recent reviews of special interest to Miami:

1.  Palo! has released a new CD, Palo! Live, and you can read our review here. 

2. An excellent new PBS documentary about Miami's Latin Fusion scene, Miami Boheme, is now available.  You can read our review here.   Worth noting - one of the bands covered in the documentary, Spam Allstars, plays regularly on Thursdays at Hoy Como Ayer

16 March 2014:


The public premiere of an hour-long PBS documentary, Miami Boheme: An American Musical Journey,  will take place at The Stage in Miami on Wednesday, March 19 at 7pm.  This will be followed with a live concert byPalo!, one of several groups documented in the film (some of the others include the Spam Allstars, Locos Por Juana and Sueñalo.)

9 March 2014:

Last weekend's Interactivo concert was phenomenal, you can see a review and extensive photo gallery here


Kelvis Ochoa, Saturday, March 15 at 11pm
Havana 1957, 1451 South Miami Av
Miami, FL 33130
In addition to his work with Habana Abierta, singer-songwriter Kelvis Ochoa has developed an international following for his solo career.  He also composed the soundtrack for the movie Havana Blues. Highly Recommended. 

2 March 2014:


Interactivo in concert, Miami Dade County Auditorium, 29th and Flagler Street, Miami FL, March 8, 9PM
This should be one of the concerts of the year in the United States. Interactivo is one of the most progressive and interesting bands in Cuba today; it combines everytthing from Jazz to Hip Hop to modern Cuban dance music, and the most recent information released adds several members of Habana Abierta to the roster along with Gema Corredera, Mayito Rivera and David Torrens. Telmary is also on the roster. We'll post some video of Interactivo closer to the date, but with the additional stars in the show, there are bound to be some musical surprises as well. 
Tickets can be purchased at www.ticketmaster.com
For additional information, see the Fundarte website at

16 February 2014: 

This week:  New Palo! CD Release

Palo! is about to release a new live recording and is celebrating the occasion at The Stage on February 22, 2014.  We will review the CD in the weeks to come.   The website for Palo! is gopalo.com

9 February 2014:

Coming Soon:  New Palo! CD Release

Palo! is about to release a new live recording and is celebrating the occasion at The Stage on February 22, 2014.  We will review the CD in the weeks to come.   The website for Palo! is gopalo.com

Save the Date:  Interactivo Vs. Habana Abierta
Saturday - March 8th, 2014 – 8:30 PM Miami Dade County Auditorium
We are going to quote directly from the Fundarte announcement for this one: 

Two contemporary musical giants rock the stage in this unforgettable concert of contemporary Cuban fusion, featuring Timba, Jazz, Hip Hop and other new tropical genres filtered by the genius arrangements and sizzling performances of two of the most talented and world-renowned Cuban bands.  In past presentations by FUNDarte, these two wildly popular bands that have separately taken Miami by storm and will now be setting fire to the stage together on the same night!  Habana Abierta is returning to Miami after a sold out opening act for Willy Chirino at the American Airlines Arena in 2009, and Interactivo returns, lead by pianist Roberto Carcasses, with their latest album to release “ Que lindo es el amor” among other longtime band members such as Telmary, Francis del Rio, William Vivanco, Melvis Santa and Julito Padron.  For those who know how these bands make you move, you know what to expect…for those who’ve never heard these musicians raise a roof:  you are in for an amazing night of some of the hottest, newest, funkiest timba dance music you have ever heard!

Very Highly Recommended.   More closer to the date.  Fundarte's Website is

2 February 2014:

Coming to Miami: 

Two of the most progressive artists in Cuban Fusion on the scene today.   Highly recommended. 

And up the road in St. Petersburg: 

Especially recommended here is the Viva Cal! set.  We have written about this quartet before, and the quality of their work is superb. 

19 January 2014:

See our January 12 post for tonight's performance by Miriam Ramos, Rolando Luna and Ulises Hernández
A few weeks ago, we mentioned that up the road in the Tampa-St. Pete area, Frankie Piñeiro's Viva Cal Sextet was worth checking out.   They are now getting some radio play (but no commercial release yet), and there will be shows coming in February.  Stay tuned. 

12 January 2014:

COMING JANUARY 18 & 19: Miriam Ramos, Ulises Hernández & Rolando Luna

Miriam Ramos' La Canción Cubana won four Cubadisco awards (Grand Prize, Cancionística, Traditional Trova & Compilation) in 2013 and was also nominated for a Latin GRAMMY. (You can read our review of that recording here.).   Pianist Rolando Luna, who accompanied Miriam on one of the three CDs in that set, will be accompanying her in this performance. Pianist Ulises Hernández has a storied reputation as a classical pianist and is also a multiple award winner in the Cubadisco awards.  Very highly recommended. 

EARLY WARNINGS:  Danay Suarez, Dafnis Prieto, Interactive & Habana Abierta 
Mark your calendars:   Danay Suarez and Dafnis Prieto are expected to be part of the lineup at this years Global Cuba Fest on February 7th and 8th, and on March 8th, Interactivo & Habana Abierta will be appearing at the Miami Dade County Auditorium. 

5 January 2014:

It has come to our attention that apparently PAX, the club that appeared in these pages in October, did not survive the new year due to financial challenges.   We are sad to hear this and hope that the music that was being presented there finds a proper new home. 

29 December 2013:

Happy New Year!  Some items of interest this week include Albita  at Hoy Como Ayer on NYE and Timbalive at the same venue on Friday, January 3;  Club Ache closes the year with Robertico and Haila on NYE.

8 December 2013:

24 November 2013:

A new PBS film is currently being made in Miami titled Miami Boheme, which will be about Miami's Latin fusion scene and will feature groups such as Palo!, the SPAM Allstars, Locos Por Juana, Suenalo, Elastic Bond and Afrobeta.  This sounds like an interesting project (the source material absolutely is), and we will be following its progress with interest. 

Coming November 30:

....and up the road, in Sarasota, Proyecto Son is one of bandleader/radio host Frankie Pineiro's projects and features both a former tresero with Adalberto Alvarez (San Miguel Perez) and a former trumpeter with Charanga Habanera (Ricardo Llaguno).  This group is playing classic Son and is worth checking out. 

10 November 2013:



Charanga Habanera and Miami's own Leslie Cartaya will be among the artists performing at the Latin GRAMMY Street Party Miami in the streets of Hialeah on West 16th Avenue between 37th and 42nd Street.  The festivities begin at Noon. 

Leslie Cartaya also sings for Palo!,  and that group's leader, Steve Roitstein, reports that they are putting the finishing touches on a new live album to be released in the near future.  On Friday, November 22, that group will be playing at The Stage.

CH is beginning a US Tour, and on Saturday the 16th, it will be probably be performing at La Covacha in Doral. (The promotion for the Miami dates has been a bit of a mess - there was an earlier listing for the 15th at Ache.) Their Facebook page confirms that they are already on the ground in Miami.  If you are on Facebook, we recommend checking their Facebook page midweek regarding their weekend concert(s). 

Up the road in Tampa, on Sunday the 17th, Viva Cal Sextet, a tribute to the music of Cal Tjader, will be happening at the HCC Ybor Performing Arts Center. The conguero in this group Frankie Pineiro,  also has one of the best Afro Cuban Jazz radio shows in the country, The Afro Cuban Jazz Edition along with the excellent Latin Jazz group Guisando Caliente and son band Proyecto Son. For more information, visit the Tampa Jazz Club site: http://www.tampajazzclub.com/

8 November 2013:  SPECIAL UPDATE: 

First, tonight, don't miss: 

Then, on Sunday, November, 10: 


Charanga Habanera and Miami's own Leslie Cartaya will be performing among the artists performing at the Latin GRAMMY Street Party Miami in the streets of Hialeah on West 16th Avenue between 37th and 42nd Street.  The festivities begin at Noon. 

5 November 2013: THIS WEEK: 

A must-see.  Check out our special Canela section here

20 October 2013:

Congratulations to Yosvany Terry for being awarded The Cintas Foundation's "Cintas Fellowship 2013" for composers.   In his own words (edited just slightly for typos):

Hello, Friends,
I would like to share great news. I was awarded with the prestigious "Cintas Fellowship 2013" for composers. This is the most important recognition to composers of Cuban descend. This award had been given in the past to a long line of honorable composers such as: Julián Orbón, Tania León, Orlando Jacinto García, Mario Bauzá, Carlos Puig, Keila Orozco, Ailem Carbajal ..etc. I feel honored to be alongside these
 incredible musicians that I admire.
     This award offers a $10,000 fellowship from the Cintas Foundation, whose collection is housed at MDC (Miami Dade College). 

Recently, we mentioned Gema Corredera's release Derramando Luz. We'll be reviewing it soon, in the meantime, you can see a video about her and her release in our SIn Clave No Hay Na' blog. 

Finally, guest writer Eva Silot Bravo is back with a piece about Danay Suárez. What style does Danay perform? You decide... This is in English and español.

13 October 2013:

Congratulations to Miami's Leslie Cartaya for her nomination in the Best New Artist category in the 14th Latin GRAMMY Awards.  You can read our review of her CD No Pares here.   Also, here is a video of a single from the release, Abrazame...

Other things worth watching out for:  We haven't been around to reviewing Gema Corredera's Derremando Luz yet, but we have reason to believe that you'll be hearing a lot more about it in the near future.  Also, up the road from a Miami a bit,  Frankie Pineiro is involved in a new group, Proyecto Son,  that we'll be writing about soon.   The tresero in the group is, well, stay tuned...

Finally, Timbalive is about to release its best CD to date, and one of the best Timba CDs by a US-based band in the last decade, period.  You can read our review here. 

Next week:  Eva Silot Bravo on Danay Suarez

6 October 2013:

29 September 2013:

Movimiento en Miami welcomes guest writer Eva Silot Bravo, who will be contributing a few articles about the Miami music scene in the weeks to come.    Eva was born in Havana, Cuba. and currently lives in Miami. She is a Phd. candidate in Latin American Literatures and Cultural Studies at University of Miami. She received her M.A. in International Studies from Florida International University and her B.A. in International Relations from University of Havana. She studied Piano and Clasical Music at "Manuel Saumell" Conservatory of Music in Havana. She is a former diplomat in United Nations, collaborator to online magazines like Cubaencuentro online, and a cultural promoter. Her research interests are related to the Cuban diaspora since the 1990s, narratives of nationalism and transnationalism, artistic diasporas and the transnational Cuban alternative music scene.  Her blog is http://www.cubanidadinbetween.blogspot.com/

(Photo by Alexia Fidere courtesy Eva Silot Bravo)

Her first piece is a profile of Miami's PAX nightclub, a venue that frequently hosts progressive music acts of interest to our readers: 

English Version
Versión español

26 August 2012:

Movimiento En Miami is on an extended vacation.  

29 July 2012:

This Week:

Fiesta Para Los Charangueros @ Graham University Center Sunday, July 29
11th Annual Miami Salsa Congress @ Deauville Beach Resort, August 1-5
SPAM Allstars @ Hoy Como Ayer, Thursday, August 2
Albita @ Hoy Como Ayer, Friday, August 3
Timbalive @ Hoy Como Ayer, Saturday, August 4

Congratulations to Timbalive for the release of its new single.  See our Sin Clave blog for details. 

24 July 2012:

This Week:

Palo ! @ Hoy Como Ayer, Thursday, July 26
Conjunto Progreso & Los Herederos @ Pax, Friday, July 27
Timbalive & others @ Deauville Beach Resort, Friday, July 27
Albita @ Hoy Como Ayer, Saturday, July 28
Fiesta Para Los Charangueros @ Graham University Center Sunday, July 29

Here is a fun new video, Crescencio , from Palo!

12 July 2012:  


3 July 2012:

Some key dates this month include:

Palo and Timbalive at Hoy Como Ayer, 6 July 2012
Both bands will be at Hoy Como Ayer for Palo!s 9th Anniversary. 

Fiesta Para Los Charangueros, Graham University Center at FIU, Sunday, 29 July
Doors open at  2pm 
Featured artists include Charanga Tipica Tropical , Charanga Casino and a jam session. 

Miami Salsa Congress, 1-5 August 2012.  For details see www.miamisalsacongress.com

19 June 2012:

This week, there are a lot of great options in Miami, but we especially draw your attention to

In other news, Daniel Martin Subiaut , a Cubano now living in Florida, recently released a new CD, Latin King.   More about this in the future.  And, Steve Roitstein from Palo! tells us that the group will have a new CD out by the end of the year.   (Palo! is going to play this Thursday at Hoy Como Ayer at 8:00pm)


6 June 2012

This week, some of the many options include:
June 6:   Tomasito Cruz y su Banda , Martini Bar at Gulfstream Park, 11pm
June 8:  Luis Bofill at Roho Cuban Cafe 7pm, Pax 11pm; Palo at Club Carribean Night 10pm; SPAM All Stars at The Stage, 10PM,  Timbalive at Casa Panza Cafe, 11:30pm

27 May 2012

We are working on what will eventually become an extensive Calendar of Events for the Miami area.   We have created a new page  for this, and in the coming weeks, we will add a Calendar.  We invite venue owners and bands and promoters that host or play Cuban music to submit their information to Bill (dot) Tilford (at) Timba.com. Information should include venue, date(s), times, name of group.  We do not charge for posting that information,  but we reserve the right not to post items that are not relevant to the music covered by Timba.com or are otherwise inappropriate.

One item of interest this week is Malena Burke's show on Saturday at Hoy Como Ayer....


The winner for this category was David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera, but congratulations to Timbalive for its nomination for Best Current Tropical Dance Album in the Cubadisco 2012 awards. The nomination itself  is quite an accomplishment.   Timbalive will be playing a special concert on May 26:

20 May 2012

We are working on what will eventually become an extensive Calendar of Events for the Miami area.   We have created a new page for this, and in the coming weeks, we will add a Calendar.  We invite venue owners and bands and promoters that host or play Cuban music to submit their information to Bill (dot) Tilford (at) Timba.com. Information should include venue, date(s), times, name of group.  We do not charge for posting that information,  but we reserve the right not to post items that are not relevant to the music covered by Timba.com or are otherwise inappropriate.  

See our Sin Clave   blog for complete details.  

13 May 2012

Best of luck to Timbalive  at the Cubadisco 2012 awards, which will take place Saturday, May 19 at the Teatro Karl Marx in Havana.  Their album La Timba pa' To' El Mundo   is one of the nominees for the Música Popular Bailable Actual (Current Popular Dance Music) category.  
Meanwhile, Palo!  Will play at Pax on Friday, 18 May at 10pm, and Albita is performing the same evening at Hoy Como Ayer ,   which also hosts Tropicasa Wednesday nights at 10pm and the Spam All Stars Thursdays at 11pm.  

Also playing:  
Regla Cumba En Concierto "Piedra Fina"   (Musical Director:  Carlos Averhoff) Friday, 18 May at 10:00pm  at Cubaocho
Luis Bofill  at I Love Calle Ocho ,  Friday, 18 May at 10:00pm 
Tony Succar y su band Mixtura   Saturday, 19 May at 11pm at Bongos Cuban Cafe

6 May 2012:

Miami has more excellent musicians than places for them to play,  but we noticed during our recent trip there that La Cueva Azul (aka Cueva Blue),  an intimate club and gallery, is actively booking progressive acts such as Interactivo from the island.   Hoy Como Ayer  is virtually sponsoring an alternative Cuban music movement with regular hirings of groups such as  Palo! the   Spam All Stars  and    Tropicasa and   Club Ache has been booking larger acts such as T imbalive .  

We saw the Spam All Stars and Francis del Rio in Miami.  The   Francis del Rio   performance was particularly interesting because it showed that increasingly, musicians from the island and the local musicians are playing together routinely in Miami now.  You can see photos here...

Spam All Stars and Francis del Rio in Miami - Cuban Music News - Noticias de música cubana (Francis del Rio at Cueva Blue)

Also, congratulations to Timbalive for its nomination in the Cubadisco 2012 awards!

Kevin Moore - Tuesday, 22 June 2021, 02:54 AM