Type Artist Product Date Author
CD Laritza Bacallao Laritzacover-icon Sólo se vive una vez - (Planet Records) Released 2014

The songs have the simplicity of merengue with the intensity of electronica, making it tempting and easy for even the most left-footed to dance along. It will appeal to the younger crowd and fans of that illusive Tropical genre.

07/12/2015 Michelle White
CD Gema Corredera Coverfeelingmartasmall Feeling Marta - (GC Music LLC) - Released 2015.10.05

Gema Corredera's second solo project is a powerful tribute to Marta Valdés.

09/13/2015 Bill Tilford
CD Ivan "Melon" Lewis Ivanayersmall Ayer y Hoy - (Cezanne Producciones) Released 2014

Nominated in both Cubadisco (Cuban Jazz) and the Latin GRAMMY awards (Latin Jazz, Best New Artist), Ayer y Hoy puts Ivan "Melon" Lewis, who already solid credentials in the genre of Timba and other parts of the Jazz and Cuban music spectrum, firmly in the ranks of important current Cuban Jazz recording artists and composers. Rich and complex while remaining emotional.

09/27/2015 Bill Tilford
CD Frasis Parafrasissmall Parafrasear - (EGREM) Released 2014

Parafrasear by Frasis is a mostly-instrumental album of Cuban popular music by a Fusion group in Cuba centered about a string quartet and a rhythm section. Before you scoff, consider that in Finland, Apocalyptica is performing some very entertaining Heavy Metal with cellos. It works if you know what you're doing, and Frasis does.

10/21/2015 Bill Tilford
CD Chucho Valdés Chuchoirakereportadasmall Tribute to Irakere [Live in Marciac] (Jazz Village) - Released 2015

This may not be exactly what many of us would have imagined for an Irakere anniversary tribute, but who would have imagined the original once upon a time? Faithful to the spirit and as riveting as the original. If Irakere had still existed today as a regular band, it might very well have sounded like this. New generations of virtuosos are at work here.
UPDATE: Winner of the 2016 GRAMMY for Latin Jazz

11/03/2015 Bill Tilford
CD Calle Real Cr Dime Qué - (Calle Real Productions) Released 2015.12.21

"¿¡Dime Qué?!" has a rich instrumental texture: tres, piano, subtle synthesizer, elecric guitar, electric and acoustic bass and the horns, all woven together to create an irresistible dance album.

12/22/2015 Michelle White
CD Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra Cubaconvcoversmall Cuba The Conversation Continues -(Motema) released 2015

An historic recording in a very literal sense - recorded in Havana with several prominent Cuban guest artists, and the scope of the music ranges from the days of Gillespie and Pozo to the sounds of today (and perhaps even a taste of tomorrow). Currently a nominee for a GRAMMY for Best Large Jazz Ensemble and Best Instrumental Composition. If Jazz is part of your diet, this should already be on your shelf by now.

01/04/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Magic Sax Quartet Magicsaxcoversmall Gotas de Sabor - (Termidor) Released July 2013

Magic Sax is Santiago de Cuba's answer to Habana Sax, and they are every bit as good. This was nominated for a Cubadisco (Instrumental Music) in 2014.

01/28/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Eduardo Sandoval Eduardosandovalsmall Caminos Abiertos -(EGREM) Released 2015

Caminos Abiertos is the stunning debut album of trombonist/bandleader/composer/arranger Eduardo Sandoval, who has nearly cured my years-long period of mourning over our loss of Juan Pablo Torres with this new release.

01/28/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Various Artists Jazzeando_jazzeandosmall Jazzeando Jazzeando - (EGREM) released 2015

This new Jazz and Fusion compilation from EGREM includes some things that you wont find anywhere else to date, including some tracks by Harold López-Nussa's excellent project La Yuka Funk. That alone would make the recording worthwhile, but the rest of it is also excellent.

01/28/2016 Bill Tilford
CD César López & Habana Ensemble Sonajerosmall Sonajero - (EGREM) released 2015

This new album by César López & Habana Ensemble is one of their best yet, and César, an alumnus of a later edition of Irakere, is putting out work that deserves a similar level of attention.

01/28/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Timbalive Gasolinacoversmall Gasolina de Avion - (Latin Power Enterprises) Released 2015

Gasolina de Avion is a rousing new release from Timbalive that includes several guest appearances including Descemer Bueno, Robertón, Los 4, Maykel Fonts and others.

02/07/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Michael Eckroth Piano_and_rhythm Piano & Rhythm

Highly accomplished and acclaimed pianist Michael Eckroth offers up his most recent recording as a leader entitled Piano & Rhythm. Both a "nod to the piano masters of the past as well as a showcase for Eckroth’s own identity as a composer", this is an exquisitely recorded and performed album from top to bottom.

03/16/2016 Ian Stewart
CD Ivan Acosta y su Grupo De Cuba Somos Ivanacostadecubasomossmall Cubaniando

A not-yet-released recording by one of Santiago de Cuba's best Jazz bands. Ivan Acosta's Grupo de Cuba Somos is one of the mainstays of the small but vibrant Jazz scene in Santiago. Review includes photos and links to an interview.

03/17/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Eliades Ochoa & Alma Latina Guajiramasguajirasmall Guajira Mas Guajira - (Tumi) Released May 2016

The renowned Eliades Ochoa teams with his sister, Maria Ochoa, and the group Alma Latina, in a pleasant blend of Cuban country music and hints of other Caribbean styles like Soca and Ska.

04/10/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Hector Quintana Dactilarsmall Dactilar - (Cinquillo/Colibrí) 2015

The debut album by Cuban Jazz guitarist Hector Quintana, who is equally at home with Cuban and North American Jazz styles. Nominated for a Cubadisco 2015 in the Jazz category. Special bonuses are his pianists Jorge Aragon and Alejandro Falcon, and his drummer, Yissy Garcia, whom you are guaranteed to get to know a lot better in the future.

04/10/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Marialy Pacheco Marialypachecosmall Introducing Marialy Pacheco - (Neu Klang) Released 2014

A trio album with a subtle intensity by Marialy Pacheco, a Cuban pianist/composer now based in Germany. . The original compositions are the highlights of the recording.

04/10/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Gabriel Hernández Mrmanymoonssmall Mr. Many Moons - (Independent)

This independent recording, nominated for a Cubadisco award in the Jazz category, may not be released yet. We review it here for the sake of completeness. Musically, it is quite good, with most of it being Hard Bop and similar styles.

04/10/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Various Artists Lecuonajojazzsmall Lecuona JóJazz -(Colibrí) - 2014

This inventive Jazz treatment of some of Ernesto Lecuona's compositions was nominated for a Cubadisco award in the Jazz Cubano category in 2015. It features four past JóJazz winners on piano (JóJazz is a contest dedicated to young Jazz artists) and some excellent combos supporting them.

04/14/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Yosvany Terry Yosvanynewthronedlargesmall New Throned King - (5Passion) - Released 2014

Nominated for both a GRAMMY (Best Latin Jazz Album 2015) and a Cubadisco Jazz Cubano 2015), New Throned King is a sublime blend of Arará cantos and Jazz. This is a heady brew indeed.

04/16/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Elito Revé y su Charangón Lasalsatienemisonsmaller La Salsa TIene Mi Son - (Bis Music) Released 2015

Winner of a Gran Premio (there were two this year) and Música Bailable - Maestros at Cubadisco 2016, this celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Charangón has La Aplanadora de Cuba at full steam. A lot of guest artists came out for this, but there are no misses here.

07/03/2016 Bill Tilford
CD El Noro y Primera Clase Sinescalasmall Sin Escala - (Unicornio) Released 2015

Winner of the Música Bailable - Nuevos Talentos category in Cubadisco 2016, El Noro's debut solo album delivers. A tasty mix of retro and current touches.

07/03/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Harold López-Nussa Elviajesmall El Viaje - (Mack Avenue) Released 2016

The splendid new album by Harold López-Nussa is an intense blend of Afro Cuban, African and Jazz ingredients.

10/25/2016 Bill Tilford
CD Septeto Santiaguero Coversmall Raíz - (EGREM) Released February 2017

This latest release by Septeto Santiaguero on EGREM greatly expands its collaborative scope including some Jazz musicians, a chorus and strings on a few tracks. There is still plenty of Son autentico here as well, and it swings despite the fact that projects this massive seldom do.

01/21/2017 Bill Tilford
CD Soneros All Stars Bacalao-sm El Que Corta El Bacalao (Soneros Records) Released 25 January 2017

With "El Que Corta El Bacalao" Yanesito has set the bar high, releasing what will be one of the best albums of for Timba 2017.

01/22/2017 Michelle White
CD Aisar yl El Expresso de Cuba Aisar-cd-icon Música Cubana, llegó el Expresso (Bis Music) Released 24 February 2017

Winner at Cubadisco 2017 in the Contemporary Dance Music New Talents Category "Música Cubana, llegó el Expresso" is a strong debut album that succeeds in all it sets out to do, offering an unmistakably Cuban sound taking from best traditions of Cuban dance music but with a modern expression that reflects the tastes of dancers today.

02/24/2017 Michelle White
CD Buena Fe Icon-sobreviviente Sobreviviente (EGREM) Released 3 March 2017

“Sobreviviente” is quintessential Buena Fe – brains and beauty. Winner of the Grand Prize at Cubadisco 2017 as well as Best Fusion Album, this CD is highly recommended for fans of intelligent, beautiful music.

03/03/2017 Michelle White
CD Giraldo Piloto y Klimax Mis21timbasmall Mis 21 Años - (Dreadlocks Music/EGREM) Released 2016

ENGLISH: Mis 21 Años, which celebrates 21 years of Klimax, is a collection of new arrangements of several great selections from different musical periods of the group. The album uses a stellar collection of guest artists, and in addition to some Klimax-caliber Timba, it includes a couple of beautiful boleros. Mis 21 Años was awarded the Premio Cubadisco in 2017 in the Música Popular Bailable - Maestros category. Mr. Piloto still believes in Timba, and it shows here.
ESPAÑOL: Mis 21 Años, que celebra 21 años de Klimax, es una colección de nuevos arreglos de varias selecciones pegadas de etapas diferentes del grupo. El álbum utiliza una colección estelar de artistas invitados, y además de la Timba de calibre Klimax, hay un par de boleros hermosos. Mis 21 Años fue galadornado con un Premio Cubadisco en 2017 en la categoría Música Popular Bailable - Maestros. Sr. Piloto todavía cree en la Timba, como se puede observar aquí.

06/10/2017 Bill TIlford
CD Daymé Arocena Cubafoniatimbasmall Cubafonía - (Brownswood Recordings) Released March 2017

ENGLISH: Cubafonía is Dayme Arocena's third full album in her own name. Accompanied by several members of Cuba's young Jazz elite, it also has a healthy mix of Rumba, Mambo, Changüi, Jazz and Funk There is a chemistry throughout this album that wasn't as consistently present at the same level in her earlier projects, and Çubafonía could prove to be her breakout album.
ESPAÑOL: Cubafonía es el tercer álbum de Daymé Arocena en su propio nombre. Acompañada por varios miembros de la joven élite de Jazz de Cuba, tiene también una mezcla saludable de Rumba, Mambo, Changüi, Jazz y Funk. Hay una química a lo largo de este álbum que no era presente tan consistemente en el mismo nivel en sus proyectos anteriores, y Cubafonía podría resultar ser el álbum que atrae la mayor atención.

06/11/2017 Bill Tilford
CD Bobby Carcassés y AfroJazz Bobby-carcassés-y-afrojazz_blues-con-montuno_bis-music_2017timbasmall Blues Con Montuno - (Bis Music) - Released 2017

ENGLISH: Blues Con Montuno is the latest release by master showman and Jazz artist Bobby Carcassés. It won a Premio Cubadisco in 2017 for Jazz Soloists. There is indeed some excellent Cuban Blues here, but the album features the styles of Jazz for which Bobby is renowned (some of it danceable, naturally). And, there is, of course, a lot of great scat singing.
ESPAÑOL: Blues Con Montuno es el nuevo lanzamiento de Master Showman y jazzista Bobby Carcassés. El álbum un premio Cubadisco en 2017 en la categoría Jazz Solistas. Hay de verdad un poco de excelente Blues cubano aquí, pero el álbum ofrece los estilos de Jazz para los cuales Bobby es renombrado (incluyendo el Jazz bailable, naturalmente), Y, por supuesto, hay un montón de scateando.

06/17/2017 Bill Tilford
CD Buena Fe Icon-soy Soy (EGREM) 2015

"Soy" is a great introductory album if you want to introduce new fans to some of Buena Fe's biggest hits but the three new songs also give the long term fans something new.

06/30/2017 Michelle White
CD Yasser Ramos y 9 Milímetros Icon-niantesnidespues Ni antes ni después (EGREM) July 2017

With his second full-length album -"Ni antes, ni después" - Yasser Ramos has begun to really find the direction of his new project. Keywords to describe this album are tumbao, groove, sabrosura, bailable, and great horns.

07/01/2017 Michelle White
CD Yissy & Bandancha Ultimanoticia2timbasmall Última Noticia (Zona Jazz 2016/EGREM 2017)

ENGLISH: Winner of the Opera Prima (best new artist) and Diseño (Design) categories in Cubadisco 2017, Última Noticia has an origin story almost as interesting as the album itself - a galvanizing mix of Jazz, Fusion, Cuban Music, Funk, NuJazz - kind of like Acid Jazz 3.0 but even better.
ESPAÑOL: Ganador de las categorías Opera Prima (mejor nuevo artista) y Diseño en Cubadisco 2017, Última Noticia tiene una historia de origen casi tan interesante como el propio álbum - una mezcla galvánica de Jazz, Fusion, Música Cubana, Funk, NuJazz -como si fuera Acid Jazz 3.0 pero aún mejor.

07/02/2017 Bill Tilford
CD Sabroseandosmall Sabroseando - (Unicornio/Producciones Abdala) 2017

ENGLISH: Nominated in the Traditional Popular Music (later Conjuntos & Other Formats) category in Cubadisco 2017, Sabroseando by is an impressive and enjoyable collection of sones and boleros. Highly recommended for fans of the part of the music spectrum popularized by groups like Rumbavana.
ESPAÑOL: Nominado en la categoría Música Popular Tradicional (convertido en Conjuntos y Otros Formatos) en Cubadisco 2017, Sabroseando por es una colección impresionante y disfrutable de sones y boleros. Muy recomendable a los fanes de la parte del espectro musical popularizado por grupos como Rumbavana.

07/09/2017 Bill Tilford
CD Oriente López Orientelopez2small Abracadabra - (OHL Music) 2016

ENGLISH: Abracadabra an audio kaleidoscope that defies easy description due to the multiple different styles performed within the recording. Expect the unexpected, but that's a good thing here. Several big names - Alaín Pérez, Kelvis Ochoa, Angel Bonne, Mayito Rivera, Malena Burke, Calixto Oviedo, Jimmy Branly and many others participate. . Nominated in the Fusion category of Cubadisco 2017.

ESPAÑOL: Abracadabra un caleidoscopio de audio que desafía la descripción fácil debido a los múltiples estilos diferentes realizados dentro de la grabación. Espere lo inesperado, pero eso es algo bueno aquí. Varios grandes nombres - Alaín Pérez, Kelvis Ochoa, Angel Bonne, Mayito Rivera, Malena Burke, Calixto Oviedo, Jimmy Branly y muchos otros participan. . Nominado en la categoría Fusion de Cubadisco 2017.

07/23/2017 Bill Tilford
CD Vocal Sampling Vocalsamplingsmall Así de Sampling - (Zig Zag/Colibrí) Released 2017

ENGLISH: Así de Sampling by Vocal Sampling is the winner of the Choral and Vocal Music category in Cubadisco 2017. Unique as always and with a wonderful sense of humor as well.

ESPAÑOL: Así de Sampling de Vocal Sampling es ganador de la categoría Música coral y vocal en Cubadisco 2017. Úinco como siempre y con un sentido de humor maravilloso también.

09/03/2017 Bill Tilford
CD JG Jg-icon Hasta Que Salga El Sol - (Unicornio) - 2017/2018

El Dueño Del Party—JG Juan Guillermo—is back with another party-ready album. His trademark is timba and tropical/timba fusion with feel-good songs that embody the energy of youth. Highly recommended for anyone looking for something fresh.

05/07/2018 Michelle White
CD Alberto Lescay & FORMAS Escapesmall Escape (EGREM 2018) Released June 1, 2018

ENGLISH: Escape is the debut album of Alberto Lescay & FORMAS, a group that represents the best of the best of the NuJazz movement in Cuba. If you have been worried about the future of music in Cuba, this album is an instant cure.
ESPAÑOL: Escape es el álbum debut de Alberto Lescay & FORMAS, un grupo que representa lo mejor de lo mejor del movimiento NuJazz en Cuba. Si estuviera preocupado por el futuro de la música en Cuba, este álbum sería una cura instantánea.

06/03/2018 Bill Tilford
CD Marcos Morales Perspelcitviasmall Perspectiva -(Independent) - Released March 2018

ENGLISH: Perspectiva is the auspicious (and audacious) debut album by one of the winners of JoJazz 2017, Marcos Morales. Mature beyond the years of its protagonists, Perspectiva provides the listener with an excellent panorama of many current trends in Jazz in Cuba.
ESPAÑOL: Perspectiva es el álbum debut auspicioso (y audaz) de uno de los ganadores de JoJazz 2017, Marcos Morales. Maduro más allá de los años de sus protagonistas, Perspectiva ofrece al oyente un excelente panorama de muchas de las tendencias actuales del jazz en Cuba.

06/25/2018 Bill Tilford
CD Dafnis Prieto Big Band Dpbb_coversmall Back to the Sunset - (Independent) - Released 2017

ENGLISH: Dafnis Prieto's new project, the Dafnis Prieto Big Band, proves that all those who keep trying to write the obituary for new, creative big band music need to throw their crayons in the trash, shut up, and listen. Big bands live, and they are still doing new and exciting things.
ESPAÑOL: El nuevo proyecto de Dafnis Prieto, el Dafnis Prieto Big Band, muestra que todos los que intentan escribir el obituario de la música nueva y creativa de big band deben tirar sus lápices de colores en la basura, callarse y escuchar. Las grandes bandas todavía viven, y todavía hacen cosas nuevas y emocionantes.

06/30/2018 Bill Tilford