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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.

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sábado, 20 noviembre 2010, 07:53 pm

Getting Ready for Calixto!

Books Will Be Out This Week

I've been working around the clock since July when I spent 3 days filming Calixto Oviedo for a new series of books: Beyond Salsa Percussion. 

Many announcements coming in the next few days, but if you want to get yourself in the mood, today's big news is that LPM has finally added Simplemente lo mejor de NG La Banda. The title, for once, is dead-on accurate.

It has all the best masterpieces from the Calixto era including Santa palabra, Échale limón, La bruja, Picadillo de soya, etc. Audio excerpts are available for every track. Enjoy.

Beyond Salsa Percussion - Calixto Oviedo

The player will show in this paragraph

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domingo, 07 noviembre 2010, 08:29 pm

Tonight: Melón, a $170,000 Piano, and You

Solo Concert - Book Signing - 8:00 p.m. in Oakland

Tonight should be a very interesting night. Piedmont Piano Company holds only about 90 to 100 people, and has what may be the best piano currently available in the world, a 9-foot Fazioli concert grand. The concert is only $20 and the ticket is free if you buy the $170,000 piano. (Delivery is free!).

I'll be on hand with all 9 volumes of Beyond Salsa Piano, which you can have Melón personally autograph. There's also a discount for the full set, and a separate discount for the full set of Melón's volumes. Last but not least, I've completed two of the Calixto Oviedo Beyond Salsa Percussion volumes. They're not published just yet, but I've printed up mock copies of each for people to check out (and find typos if you can!) Tom Ehrlich will also be on hand and you might be able to convince him to take a shot of you with the maestro. Also a great opportunity to meet Bay Area luminaries such as Walfredo de los Reyes and other special guests.

Monday, Nov. 8 - 8:00 p.m.

Piedmont Piano Company 

call 510-547-8188 to reserve tickets

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martes, 02 noviembre 2010, 12:20 pm

Welcoming Berklee College of Music to

Berklee College of Music in Massachussetts has turned out some of the best young Latin musicians in the world and its focus on Latin music is growing at a steady clip. is thrilled to welcome reporter Allen Bush who will be hosting the Latin Music at Berklee College of Music report. His maiden post announces a concert on Nov. 18th by the legendary Larry Harlow. 

In other news, don't forget "An Intimate Evening with Melón Lewis" at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland, Monday night at 8:00.

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miércoles, 27 octubre 2010, 07:17 pm

Melón - Upcoming Clinic/Concert & Free Book Addendum

Calixto Books Almost Done!

Melón is on an extensive tour of the US with Spanish diva and super-star, Concha Buika. The link has the full schedule.

On Monday night, Nov. 8th, at 8:00 p.m., Melón will do a clinic/master class and mini concert on the $170,000 Faziola grand piano at the legendary Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland. Tickets are only $20.

For more information: . Ticket purchase by credit card at 510-547-8188.

Meanwhile, reader Patrick Gomis found a typo in Volume 6 of Beyond Salsa Piano (the first on Melón), so I've corrected it and added Alain's bass tumbao as a bonus. You can download the PDF by right-clicking on this LINK. While I was investigating the situation I realized yet again that Issac's 12-1997 El Palacio de la Salsa version of La vida sin esperanza is truly one of the greatest live performances of all time by any group. Click here to listen and see if you agree . (The section in the PDF starts about 9:45 into the performance.)

Meanwhile,  I've been working since July on the first two volumes of Beyond Salsa Percussion, featuring the unbeliievably talented Calixto Oviedo.

We're still waiting for Melón to submit the long-awaited video files for Beyond Salsa Piano, but with this new series we started  with the video, so we'll be release hard-copy books, eBooks, audio files and video all at once, and the video will come with pre-programmed files for users of the amazing Transcribe program, which allows you to watch slow-motion, looped video with audio at normal pitch. The first Calixto volume covers his roots: danzón, chachachá, mozambique, pilón etc. but the second takes a new and exciting approach of dividing his NG La Banda drumming style into 6 modes or "gears" and devoting an extensive chapter to each, filled with some truly amazing drumming by the master. All of this will be publish in November , so stay tuned.

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