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Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : Berkeley-2022
Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : Berkeley 2022
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Grupos: Emilio Frias "El... : Músicos - Members
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Grupos: Klímax : Fiesta del Tambor 202...
Grupos: Klímax : Fiesta del Tambor - 2...
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Name Submitted by Date Created
4th Annual Festival Cubano, Part II Bill Tilford 08/06/2013
4th Annual Festival Cubano Bill Tilford 08/05/2013
7th Chicago Latin Jazz Fest Bill Tilford 07/21/2013
Hector Silveira Dusable 2013 Bill Tilford 07/21/2013
Mezcla in Chicago June 2013 Bill Tilford 06/30/2013
HdP Louisville 2013 Bill Tilford 06/12/2013
Chuchito Valdés June 2013 Bill Tilford 06/03/2013
CALJE North Central College April 2013 Bill Tilford 05/05/2013
911 Mambo April 2013 Bill Tilford 04/05/2013
Viva La Diva Bill Tilford 04/04/2013
Afro-Cuban All Stars Clifton Center Bill Tilford 03/25/2013
CICS Fashion Issue Bill Tilford 03/10/2013
CISC 2013 Band/Dancer Gallery I Bill Tilford 03/03/2013
Angel M. Tributo Lavoe Bill Tilford 01/06/2013
Pupy Cantor Old Town Bill Tilford 12/21/2012
Henry Cole MS'12 Bill Tilford 12/20/2012
Macabeo 2nd AC Fest Bill Tilford 12/20/2012
J. Bennett's Orq El Macabeo Photos Bill Tilford 12/19/2012
HdP/Mayito/Tirso 2012 Bill Tilford 12/07/2012
HDP SOBs 2012 Part II Bill Tilford 12/05/2012
RedHotCuba Bill Tilford 12/04/2012
HdP SOBs 11-2012 Bill Tilford 12/04/2012
Pablo Milanés Madrid Michelle White 11/04/2012
Hector Silveira 2012 Bill Tilford 11/04/2012
Tiempo Libre 2012 Bill Tilford 10/21/2012
Charagueo 2012 Bill Tilford 10/21/2012
Cosa Seria 2012 Bill Tilford 10/20/2012
Septeto Nacional OTS Bill Tilford 10/07/2012
Arturo Sandoval CHI Bill Tilford 10/06/2012
Comando de la Clave Bill Tilford 09/09/2012