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Saturday, 14 November 2009, 08:29 PM

QBA with Carlos Caro Tonight

At Moe's Alley. See you there.

UPDATE: They were on fire! Like a band from Cuba, the years of rehearsing and arranging have resulted in an overwhelming arsenal of gears and bloques. Murray Low has got that crazy Rolando Luna finger action going and I don't think I've heard any Cuban drummer play the snare drum more creatively than Carlos Caro who was completely off the hook tonight. Look for a photo gallery and maybe even a bit of video from Tom. His fancy new still camera actually takes better video than most dedicated videocams. Also, mark down Dec. 11 at Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland. Jesús didn't give too many details, but it sounds like a major event. This could be a great new Bay Area venue.

Jesus Diaz at Sweet's Dec. 11


It is my pleasure to be working with Historic Sweet's Ballroom and Jesus Diaz as promoter of the Jesus Diaz y Su QBA performance on Friday, Dec. 11 from 9pm to 1 am. The Ballroom is located at 1933 Broadway between 19th & 20th Streets in "Uptown" Oakland right above the 19th Street BART station, and next door to Sear's. It is a gorgeous and spacious Ballroom in the Art Deco style.

DJ WaltDigz will be spinning between live sets and Ramon Ramos will teach a free salsa class at 9pm. There will be a full bar in operation.

Top-quality music in a stunning dance venue at a very affordable general admission of $10. Couples at $15, and women at $5 before 10pm.

Got questions? Call me at 415-282-9043. Or We're going to try to make this a regular occurrence.

Thanks for wonderful review of QBA!

Posted by: Michael Nolan on Sunday, 15 November 2009, 08:01 AM

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