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Kevin Moore - Audio and Video Files

Click here for the new Beyond Salsa Online Catalog

Click here to audition and download audio and video files for the Beyond Salsa series.

Click here for the free audio downloads for Understanding Clave and Clave Changes,

Click here for the free audio download portion of the audio files for Beyond Salsa for Beginners  and Beyond Salsa Percussion, Volume 1.

Most of the audio and video files for the various volumes of the Beyond Salsa series are downloadable for $9.99 at, but there are two free downloads available to everyone, whether or not you've bought the book or eBook. 

First is Understanding Clave and Clave Changes. All of the audio files for this book are included in the free download.

Beyond Salsa for Beginners and Beyond Salsa Percussion, Volume 1 each have huge audio download products, available for $9.99 as usual, but there's also an extensive free download that's referenced by both volumes.


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