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cuban music, musica cubana cuban music, musica cubana cuban music, musica cubana cuban music, musica cubana
Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.

Michelle White - Timbera Archives July 2009

Friday July 31 2009 -

cuban music, musica cubanaThanks to Gabriel at Yemayá's Verse or the heads-up on Alain Daniels' new website. It sems that Cuban groups are fially beginning to catch up in the cyber world or homepages and facebook groups. As you might expect of Alain's site it is hot, modern and sexy! You can choose from three languages: Spanish, English and French. There is a bio, photos, short clips of all of his songs as well as a video section. I either have some problems with the plug-in or maybe the video section isn't quite done yet. But there is still plenty to enjoy. So go to and check it all out.

Thursday July 30 2009 - Tumbao Habana's Mambo Duro out in August
At the beginning of 2009 several promos were released from Tumbao Habana's upcoming CD, "Mambo Duro". I was very excited about them, as were many other timberos and several of the songs have been at the top of the DJs' playlists but then...nothing...After months of waiting I began to wonder what had happened to the CD, and today while checking out I was again struck by how much I like their new songs and how much I wonder where the CD is. So I took matters into my own hands and called them. It turns out that the CD is being mastered even as I write and the European release is now planned for August. The CD is produced by Bis Music, and will hopefully be in my hot little hand before my birthday. Meanwhile, the band is busy in Havana with their usual shows at the Casa de la Música and Café Cantante as well as the carnevals that are in full swing. While we wait for the CD here is one of the videos that kicked me into gear to find out what was going on. I just love this song, it makes me want to dance!

Tumbao Habana perform "Padrino" on Bailar es algo más
Courtesy of Cubavision and

Mambo duro de Tumbao Habana sale en agosto
Al inicio de 2009 salieron varios demos del próximo disco de Tumbao Habana, "Mambo Duro". Me gustan mucho, igual que a mucho timberos, y algunas canciones han sido en el hit parade de los DJs pero después...nada...Después de esperar meses empecé a preguntarme qué pasó con el CD, y hoy mirando en otra vez me occurrió cuanto me gustan las canciones y cuanto me pregunto dónde está el disco. Entonces decidí llamarles. Al final el disco está en la masterización ahora mismo y el plan es lanzarlo en Europa en agosto. La producción es por Bis Music, y espero que lo tendré en mi propia mano antes de mi cumpleaño. Minetras tanto el grupo sigue con muchas actuaciones en las casas de la música y en Café Cantante y también con los carnevales que hay ahora en Cuba. Mientras estamos esperando, aquí es uno de los videos que me inspiró buscar la respuesta sobre lo que pasa. Como me gusta esta canción, me de ganas de bailar!

Saturday July 25 2009 - Bailando en La Tropical - Estreno by Adalberto Álvarez y Su Son
Last night Adalbeto Álvarez y Su Son played at Tyrol in Stockholm. As always the band was excellent and the audio as well. Kudos to Tyrol for their sound system and to Alfredo Llames, Aldabreto's soundman. A full concert report is on the way but here is a little teaser: the new single "Bailando en la Tropical". Sung by the excellent new singer, Jorge Greenidge Rosales, it is an homenaje to La Tropical, the Best place to dance timba according to the awards and the most authentic Cuban dance venue. Bailando en la Tropical will also be the nmae of the next CD by Adalberto. They pan to beging recording this fall and release the CD for the summer of 2010. Stay tuned for the full concert report and in the meantime check out a clip of the new song.

"Bailando en la Tropical" - estreno 2009
Adalberto Álvarez y Su Son

Friday July 24 2009 - Paulo FG and Manolín Cancelled at Fico Ricco
Apparently they can't make it due to logistcal problems that they couldn't work out. Here is Fico Ricco's announcement. But don't despair because on the 31st you can see Havana D'Primera att this lovely outdoor venue. As for myslef I will be at the Adalberto Álvarez concert in Stockholm tonight!

Thursday July 23 2009 - Last Minute Performance by Paulo FG and Manolín
The Salsa Salento Festival has announced a last minute addition to their concert schedule. This Saturday July 25 Paulo FG and Manolín will perform together at Fico Ricco, a great outdoor venue where you can relive the feeling of the Cuban open air concerts. If you happen to be on holiday you might just want to stay in Brindisi or Lecce for a week because on July 31st Havana D'Primera will be performing at Fico Ricco as well. These are two concerts well worth making a trip.

Havana D' Primera at Casa de la Música Miramar August 25
Only nine concerts remain for Havana D'Primera's historic first European Tour. They play tonight at Festival Tempo Latino in Vic Fezensac, France. Click here for the remaining tour dates. This is one group you really need to do yourself the favor of seeing. You won't really understand until you see them live yourself. All the bootleg video and audio doesn't do justice to the intensity and quality of the performance. I expect that the faranduleras de la Habana have been going through withdrawal while the band has been on tour. But Alexander has kept them in mind and has already scheduled a special matinee for August 25th at Miramar from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. So if you are in Havana or will be there in late August, you'll want to check out this matinee; the joyous reunion of Havana D'Primera con su gente de la capital.

Yuri Buenaventura and Changuito
olombian salsero Yuri Buenaventura has put together a top notch act with a Cuban made up of musicians such as Changuito, Panga, Jorge Reyes,  and Mayquel Gonzalez. The music is based on Yuri's latest CD. Don't expect timba or even salsa. I have been told by people who've already seen them in concert that it is more Cuban descarga that you can look forward to. Here are the remaining concert dates.
23/07/2009 - Terrasses du Jeudi, Rouen (France)
24/07/2009 - Festival Latino Americando, Milan (Italie)
25/07/2009 - Bavaria Podium, Rotterdam (Pays-Bas)
26/07/2009 - Polé Polé Festival, Gent (Belgique)
31/07/2009 - L'été en fête, Bénodet (29) (France)
04/08/2009 - Esplanade du Chateau, Grimaud (83) (France)
08/08/2009 - Festival du Chant de Marin, Paimpol (France)
09/08/2009 - Festival de l'hospitalet, Narbonne (11) (France)
13/08/2009 - Jazz in Marciac, Marciac (France)
15/08/2009 - Festival La Renverse, Muzillac (56) (France)
04/10/2009 - Kayenne Jazz Festival, Cayenne (Guyane) (France)
07/10/2009 - L'Atrium, Martinique (97) (France)
08/10/2009 - La Kassa, Guadeloupe (97) (France)
21/10/2009 - Carré Belle Feuille, Boulogne Billancourt (92) (France)
22/10/2009 - Maison de la culture, Nevers (France)
23/10/2009 - Espace culturel du Pin Galant, Mérignac (33) (France)
24/10/2009 - Magic Mirror, Tourcoing (59) (France)
28/05/2010 - Théâtre, Choisy Le Roi (94) (France)
31/05/2010 - Théâtre du Chatelet, Paris (France) [Jazz in Chatelet: "Yuri
Buenaventura & special guests"]
02/06/2010 - Théâtre de Laval, Laval (53) (France)

Saturday July 18 2009 - Salsa Mayor Tour of Europe Cancelled
Maykel Blanco sent us the following press release today regarding the planned European tour. He wants to apologize to all his fans and will also be posting the information at his own site shortly.

El lunes 13 de Julio establecimos un contacto telefónico desde Cuba con la “Oficina del Arte en Italia”, empresa que nos representa en Europa; inquietos por la ausencia de los documentos que debían llegar el día anterior a la Embajada para la tramitación y no llegaron. Nos sorprendió la noticia de que la Gira de Verano 2009 de Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor, prevista para iniciarse el 23 de Julio no se realizaría.

La noticia fue impactante, pues con anterioridad todas las correspondencias y llamadas referentes al asunto eran satisfactorias. Nunca hubo detalle alguno que diera indicio de dificultades, toda lo contrario. Creemos que la única dificultad que no permitió la llegada de la agrupación fue la propia compañía encargada de la comercialización, la cual no lo hizo en tiempo y forma, ni con la seriedad que con lleva; y por si fuera poco se nos falsearon informaciones, dándonos una lista de conciertos confirmados y otros por confirmar donde parte de ellos al parecer eran falsos, incluso afectándonos gravemente dado que teníamos en esta fecha una propuesta de gira por Perú y fue postergada, pues ya teníamos este compromiso.

Realmente da pena que suceda esto con una agrupación como la de Maykel Blanco que está teniendo tanto éxito en su país y otros, fundamentalmente en los continentes de Europa y América.

Hemos decidido hacer pública nuestra molestia ante tan irresponsable procedimiento y a su vez damos a conocer nuestra separación del catalogo artístico de esta agencia.

Monday July 13 we made contact by telephone from Cuba with “Oficina del Arte en Italia”, the company that represents us in Europe; worried about the absence of the documents that should have arrived the day before at the Embassy for processing but never arrived. We were surprised by the news that the Summer Tour 2009 of Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor, planned to begin July 23rd would not take place.

The news was crushing because previously all of the correspondence and phone calls concerning the subject were satisfactory. There was never any detail that hinted at difficulties, everything to the contrary. We believe that the only difficulty that has not permitted the arrival of the group was the company itself responsible for the marketing, which was not done in time or form, nor with due seriousness; and as if it were nothing they falsified information to us, giving us a list of confirmed concerts and others to be confirmed some of which it seems were false, even affecting us seriously as we had at this time a proposal for a tour of Peru which was postponed because of this commitment.

It is really a shame that this happened with a group such as that of Maykel Blanco that is experiencing such success in their own country and others, fundamentally on the continents of Europe and America.

We have decided to make public our complaint in the face of such irresponsible proceedings and at the same time make known our separation from the catalogue of artists of this agency.

Thursday July 15 2009 - New Single by Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor
Last week the new Salsa Mayor single "Pa cualquiera" debuted on Cuban radio and Maykel just sent a copy of the official version. If you follow Mirco's TimbaPorSiempre blog you have already heard that Yordi Larrazaba is returning to Salsa Mayor and had a preview of the new song from the radio broadcast. According to the latest post at Yordi will begin performing with the group after they return from the August summer tour of Europe. "Pa cualquiera" is the first new song for Yordi upon his return to the group. It will be in the July issue of Latin by Planet Records. Stay tuned for more news regarding the upcoming tour.

Thursday July 9 2009 - Intensive Dance Courses in Cuba
Right now a two week dance course is underway in Havana organized by the Danish/Cuban Friendship Society of Cuban Arts, together with the Cuban organizations CNSEA and Paradico. Classes are offered in Salsa, Son, Rueda de Casino, Chachacha and Rumba as well as classes in congas and Spanish. The classes are very popular here in Scandinavia and in Europe in general for the quality of the instruction as well as the fact that each student gets a Cuban partner to practice with. I hope to get a chance to take part myself soon. The upcoming classes have been published at the new site MiSalsaCubana where you can get all the details.
4-18 of October 2009
3-17 of January 2010
28 of March - 11 of April 2010
12-26 of July 2010
3-17 of October 2010

Tuesday July 7 2009 - Orquesta Revé Bring New Demo to Europe
Tour season is in full swing here in Europe and we have updated the list of tours for Elito Revé y su Charangón with a few new concerts that have popped up at the last minute. So check their schedule to find the concert nearest you. Elito tells us that before leaving for the tour the band had time to record two songs for their next CD, which will be titled "De que estamos hablando". They brought one of the songs with them, the remake of "La boda en bicicleta". I expect all well-stocked timba DJs to have it soon.

TimbaSocialClub Site Open
A group of Italians, including Claudio Marucci, Stefano Timbero and Mirco have gotten together to start a new site dedicated to Timba. It is called They are working tirelessly to promote the music we all know and love. Also participating are photographers Alain Somvang, Patrick Bonnard as well as Lionel from So go check it out, fotos, videos, interviews and more!

Wednesday July 1 2009 - Orquesta Revé vs Havana D'Primera - Knockout 2009

cuban music, musica cubanaOne of the hottest concerts this tour season will be the July 13 double billing of Elito Revé y Su Charangón and Alexander Abreu's Havana D'Primera at Cabaret Suavage in Paris. Both Gabriel and I rate these two groups at the very top of our favorites list. She has some great concert reports at her blog from her recent Havana trip.

The concert is an interesting match-up. Odduara has paired Cuba's oldest salsa band, still at the top of the charts after 53 years, with the hottest newcomers who held their first concert just 18 months ago. Revé's album "Fresquecito" was the best of 2007 and Havana D'Primera is in the running for the best of 2009 with their début album "Haciendo historia", which has just become available.

If you live in France this concert coincides well with holidays, so what better way to get things started than with a double header. And if you live elsewhere in Europe this makes for the ideal "long weekend". Get your tickets now (ticnet and digitic) so you aren't left on the sidewalk outside the venue hoping in vain for some kindhearted scalper to sell you a ticket. Cuida'o con los timberos descending on France! It's going to be hot in Paris in July!

Change to Cubamemucho Program in Toulouse
A little farther south in Toulouse Cubamemucho has a congress July 3-5. However, La Charanga Habanera has postponed their turn and will not be performing at Toulouse on July 3rd as planned. Instead you can dance to Manolín and Eddy-K. Don't worry, you can catch the boys a few weeks later at Festival Bayamo de la Seyne-Sur-Mer, where they are still scheduled to perform with Haila. This is another festival worth the trip no matter where you live.

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