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Peter Maiden - Yoshi's SF - 11-23-2013

El Septeto Nacional at Yoshi's San Francisco 11-23-13

The Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro, as is well-known, has existed as a group in Cuba for 85 years. This is not music put together yesterday! Yet the instrumentation and vocals create a magic spell. The bottom is a stand-up bass, the only skin instrument is a bongó, the only horn a solitary trumpet. There are two string instruments, guitar and tres, which although they play on opposite sides of the stage, are closely interlocked. The two vocalists contribute clave and maracas. Each musician is a master of their role in the group. Add a responsive crowd that packed the dance floor each set, and the evening was a perfect combination!

Alisa Frohman of Plaza Cuba introduces the Septeto Nacional

The Septeto Nacional

Eugenio Rodriguez


Francisco David Oropesa Fernández

Enrique Abdón Collazo

Raúl Mirando Mato

Crispín Díaz Hernández

Dagoberto Sacerio Oliva

Raúl Acea Rivera

El Septeto Nacional

On the dance floor

Dr. C. Ricardo R. Oropesa of the Septeto's management with Chris Strachwitz of Arhoolie Records, and a couple of the traditional Cuban recordings Arhoolie has released

Dancers at the after-party for Plaza Cuba's 20th Anniversary, held just after the concert

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