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Staff: Bill Tilford
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cuban music, musica cubana cuban music, musica cubana cuban music, musica cubana cuban music, musica cubana
Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
Authentic Latin Music Catalog for SYNC - TV & Film Music

Discography - The 2000s

2003: En el malecón de La Habana
Concierto en vivo
Pimienta 245 360 556-2
cuban music, musica cubana

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tr title   composer arranger lead singer
1 Tim-Pop con Birdland . Formell-Zawinul Formell Mayito
2 Quién no ha dicho una mentira . Formell Formell Robertón
3 Soy todo . Formell-Machado Formell Mayito


Mi mimí . Formell Formell Yení Valdés
5 Esto te pone la cabeza mala . Formell Formell Robertón
6 Mi chocolate . Formell Formell Mayito
7 Qué cosas tiene la vida . Pedroso Pedroso Lele, Jr.
8 Temba, Tumba y Timba . Pedroso Pedroso MayitoRivera
9 El sol natural (repris) . Formell Formell Mayito

cuban music, musica cubana

The departure of Pupy, Formell's ill health, and frustrating battles with the bankrupt Havana Caliente label resulted in 4 years of very little productivity. This live album contains two new Formell originals - Tim-Pop con Birdland and Mi mimi and the last song Pupy wrote before leaving, Qué cosas tiene la vida, which he himself recorded as the title track of his first album after leaving. The live versions of earlier songs are great to have and it's very interesting to hear the virtuosic Cucurucho pay homage to Pupy's style while adding subtle nuances of his own. It's also interesting to hear Mayito's take on Mi chocolate, originally sung by Pedrito.

2004: Chapeando
Unicornio CD 8026
cuban music, musica cubana

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tr title   composer arranger lead singer
1 Chapeando . Formell Formell Robertón
2 Corazón . S. Formell S. Formell Lele, Jr.
3 Después de todo . Formell Formell-Cucurucho Yeni Valdés


No pidas más presta'o . Formell Formell Mayito
5 Por qué no te enamoras . Fabré Leliebre Robertón
6 Te recordaremos . Ramón Jiménez S. Formell-Luna Ramón Jiménez?
7 Anda ven y quiéreme . Formell Formell Lele, Jr.
8 Nada (No me engañés ...) . Formell Formell Yeni Valdés
9 La buena . Cucurucho-Jorge Díaz Cucurucho Pedro Calvo
10 Agua . S. Formell S. Formell Mayito
11 Ven ven ven . Cucurucho-Jorge Díaz Cururucho Robertón
11 El montuno (Montuno sin complicaciones) . Formell Boris Luna Mayito

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cuban music, musica cubana

This album has two rearrangements of earlier Formell songs with different titles, and one with the same title, but a completely different song. Después de todo , unfortunately, is not the gorgeous haunting ballad from the second track of Volume III. Nada is No me engañes más, que tú eres nada, from El baile del buey cansao, and El montuno is El montuno sin complicaciones from Volume VI.

Samuell turns in two great originals in Corazón and Agua, the latter having an amazing arrangement even if its lyrics don't quite live up to his father's. The new Juan Formell tracks are all as great as ever: Anda, ven y quiéreme and No pidas más presta'o, and, especially, Chapeando. Pupy's replacement, Roberto "Cucurucho" Valdés contributes Ven ven ven , a song worthy of his legendary predecessors.

Michelle White's Chapeando summary and a link to her review:

cuban music, musica cubana 2005 Chapeando - This is the first studio CD to feature the new line up since the departure of César Pedroso and Pedro Calvo. Speaking of lavish packaging, this CD is almost worth buying for the cover alone which features art by some leading Cuban artists (note the front cover), lyrics transcriptions and 3 very interesting commentaries on the group and the album in both Spanish and English, one by Juan Formell. The newest singers are Lele Rosales and Yeni Valdés who each do an excellent job. Pupy was replaced by Roberto "Cucurucho" Rodríguez. Grandson of the legendary Bebo Valdés and nephew of Chucho Valdés he comes from along line of pianists and does not disappoint. Together with Jorge Díaz he also contruibuted two of Robertón's hit songs: Ven ven ven and La Buena . Samuel Formell also authored two hits on this album: Agua, sung by Mayito Rivera, and Corazón , sung by Lele. This album is Los Van Van moving forward, clearing new paths as it were, and letting the new generation of bandmembers show what they are capable of. I can't give you a musical analysis, but as a dancer let me list the songs that will get you on the floor time and time again: Corazón , No pides más presta'o , Por qué no te Enamoras (a Candido Fabré song), Anda ven y quiereme , La Buena , Agua , Ven ven ven and El Montuno . For more see my album report . [Michelle White]

2007: Live From Camagüey
Guataca GR-1001
cuban music, musica cubana

tr title   composer arranger lead singer

Popurrí No. 2 :
Qué tiene Van Van
Deja la ira
Yo soy normal, natural
Eso dámelo a mí
Llévala a tu vacilón
Qué sorpresa
Qué cosas tiene la vida
Mi mimi
Qué pasa con ella
Eso que anda

. various various various
2 Soy todo . Formell Formell Mayito
3 Agua . S. Formell S. Formell Mayito


Agua, pt. 2 . . . .
5 Ven ven ven . Cucurucho-Jorge Díaz Cururucho Robertón
6 Chapeando . Formell Formell Robertón

cuban music, musica cubana

As you can see from comparing the back cover to our chart, this collection was thrown together sloppily, with lots of wrong titles. The coros are also a bit sloppy, but it's an energetic performance.

2007: Aquí el que baila gana - El concierto
cuban music, musica cubana

My copy is on order. This appears to be two live CDs and a DVD, with tracks listed below.

1. Chapeando
2. Tim Pop Con Birdland
3. Popurrit N° 1
4. Después De Todo
5. Que No Que No
6. Si A Una Mamita
7. El Baile Del Buey Cansao
8. Anda Ven Y Muévete

1. El Negro Está Cocinando
2. Marilú
3. Por Encima Del Nivel (Sandunguera)
4. Soy Todo (Ay Dios Ampárame)
5. Anda Ven y Quiéreme
6. Ven Ven Ven
7. No Pidas Mas Prestao
8. Somos Cubanos

1. Chapeando
2. Tim Pop Con Birdland
3. Popurrit N° 1
4. Después De Todo
5. Que No Que No
6. Si A Una Mamita
7. El Baile Del Buey Cansao
8. Anda Ven Y Muévete
9. El Negro Está Cocinando
10. Marilú
11. Por Encima del Nivel (Sandunguera)
12. Soy Todo (Ay Dios Ampárame)
13. Anda Ven y Quiéreme
14. Ven Ven Ven
15. No Pidas Mas Prestao
16. Somos Cubanos
17. Anda Ven Y Quiéreme - Video Clips
18. Plan B (Dale Dos) - Video Clips

2009: Arrasando
Sony/Planet 901072
Los Van Van - Arrasando

tr title   composer arranger lead singer
1 Arrasando . Juan Formell
Samuel Formell
Samuel Formell
Boris Luna
2 Si No Te Quieres Tú . Cucurucho
Jorge Díaz
Cucurucho Mayito
3 Tú a Lo Tuyo, Yo a Lo Mío . Juan Formell Juan Formell Yeni Valdés
4 Me Trajo Dos . Samuel Formell Samuel Formell
Boris Luna
Lele, Jr.
5 Que No Te De Por Eso . Roberto Hernández Boris Luna Robertón
6 La Rumba No . Juan Formell Juan Formell Mayito
7 Este Amor Que Se Muere . Juan Formell Jorge Leliebre Yeni Valdés
8 Me Mantengo . Cucurucho
Jorge Díaz
Cucurucho Lele, Jr.
9 Dame La Luz . Samuel Formell Samuel Formell Robertón
10 Mi Songo . Samuel Formell Samuel Formell Mayito
11 Un Tumbao Pa' Los Dos . Samuel Formell
Kelvis Ochoa
Samuel Formell Vanessa Formell
12 Olaya . Rubén Blades Jorge Leliebre Robertón
13 El Travestí . Cucurucho
Jorge Díaz
Cucurucho Robertón


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