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History and Discography of Irakere - 1981 - Para bailar el son

re-released as: La colección - Vol. V
cuban music, musica cubana
1982 - later than May

This is the only volume of EGREM's "colección" that was never released on EGREM vinyl. Instead, it was licensed to the Tierrazo label. If you can, please send us a photo of the back, or of the record label itself.

The most important tracks from a "roots of timba" point of view are another great studio version Ese atrevimiento, also with gear changes, and El Tosco's No quiero confusión -- a bit change from his early charts from Los Van Van -- featuring brass writing that anticipates the "metales de terror" approach he later championed with NG La Banda. Confusión is also one of the early up-tempo dance tracks to break with the long-standing tendency towards 2-3 clave. Try singing the coro "no quiero confusión" while you clap clave. Another solid track is Arsenio's Dile a Catalina, setting the stage for Issac and Melón's 1997 version.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011, 07:32 PM