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Grupos: Tirso Duarte : Discography

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cuban music, musica cubana cuban music, musica cubana cuban music, musica cubana cuban music, musica cubana
Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
Authentic Latin Music Catalog for SYNC - TV & Film Music

Michelle White - Timbera Archives August 2007

Thursday August 30 2007 - Norwegian Rueda Congress! Wait a minute...in Brighton?

cuban music, musica cubana

Thursday September 6th - Sunday September 9th the King Alfred Centre on the Brighton Seafront will play host to the Norwegian Rueda Congress. I don't know why. Maybe the Norwegians wanted a vacation? Anyway, there you have it. The list of instructor features a number of Cuban stars such as Osbanis Tejeda and Rafael de Busto that thousands of people already know from the YouTube video.

To book or for more info:
Tel: 01273 430918/ 07884243841

Osbanis, Farah & Rafael
bailando con Deja la mala noche de Adalberto Álvarez

Artist Updates
Gilito has added some dates to his tour scheduel including the Belgian Salsa Congress on September 21 and a concert in Aaborg, Denmark September 28 where Alexander Abreu will appear as special guest. After releasing Al César lo que es del César Gilito is already beginning work on his next CD which will be titled Ahora mira como vengo. For updated information on Gilito check his website which also includes a blog.

We have also updated the information about the projects of Dantes "El Ricky Ricón". This includes new pictures from Cubadisco 2007. And you can check muchoswing.com to see a recent video of Dantes appearing with la Novena on Cuban TV. The song titled Me enamoré follows in the footsteps of the popular Con la de al lado with its Pan-Caribbean swing.

Sunday August 26 2007 - Paris Est Incroyabe! - Salsa Mayor in Paris
Finally I have posted my report from Paris. It hasn't been an easy task. What I am trying to do with this Tour Report is to let you get to know the bandmembers both on and off stage as well as get an idea of what a tour is actually like. I want to share things in a way that will make you feel almost as if you were there yourself. The Paris concert was such a great night with such a fantastic audience and incredible energy between the fans and the band that I just didn't know how to bring that same feeling to the readers who didn't experience it themselves.

cuban music, musica cubana
The crowd goes wild for Recoge y vete
Photo ©Indochino fiestacubana.net used by permission

So I tried something new. This report begins with the the soundcheck, including video that shows you all the excitement and glamor that is a soundcheck. As usual I have written about what happened during the concert and linked to the now famous Recoge y vete in Paris video. But rather than just have video from a couple of the songs, I took about 1 minute from each song and made a video potpourri that you will find at the end of the report. It wasn't easy to pick 1 minute and in some cases I took a bit more. The result is a 2-hour concert condensed to 18 minutes and 30 seconds. Reading the text first will give you some of the background information you need to fully appreciate the video.

Click here to read and watch the Paris report.

Friday August 24 2007 - III Festival Nacional del Changüí
Del 20 al 23 de diciembre de 2007 Guantánamo presentará al mundo un encuentro para las músicas del sur. Este año el festival es dedicado a

  • La bailadora Evelia Noblet "Bella" (80 cumpleaños)
  • El tresero Guillermo Mustelier "Bulé" (85 cumpleaños)
  • El bongocero Anrés Fistó "Taberas" (65 cumpleaños)
  • El grupo "Estrellas Campesinas", de Yateras en el 55 aniversario de su creación

Actividades incluyen concurso de Creación Changüisera y competencias de treseros, bongoseros, marimberos, regineros y bailadores. También hay coloqios, fiestas en los municipios Yateras, El Salvador y Manuel Tames, actividades para niños y jóvenes y actuaciones en la Casa del Changüí, Casa de las Promociones Musicales, Casa de la Trove y otras instituciones. El festival termina con las premaciónes de los concursos.

Cuota de inscripción:
Participantes cubanos: 50.00 MN
Participantes extranjeros: 50.00 CUC

Todos los participantes deben abonar una cuota de 350.00 MN, lo que incluye hospedaje, alimentación y transporte.

Para mayor información contaca a:
Director MsC. José Luis Matos Rodríguez
Centro Provincial de la Música
Los Maceo # 906 e/ Crombet y Emilio
Giró. Guantánamo
Tlf: +53 (21) 32 75 90 - 32 75 56
Fax: +53 (21) 32 28 70

Comité Organizador Lic. José Cuenca Sosa
Centro de Información y Documentación Musical "Rafael Inciarte Brioso"
Donato Mármol # 452 e/ Martí y Máximo Gómez
Tlf: +53 (21) 32 76 22

III National Changüí Festival
From the 20th to the 23rd of December 2007 Guantánamo will present to the world a meeting of the music of the south. This year the festival is dedicated to

  • Dancer Evelia Noblet "Bella" (80 years old)
  • Tresero Guillermo Mustelier "Bulé" (85 years old)
  • Bongocero Anrés Fistó "Taberas" (65 years old)
  • The group "Estrellas Campesinas", from Yateras on the 55th anniversary of their formation

Activities include the Best Changüí Creation contest and competitions for treseros, bongoseros, marimberos, regineros and dancers. There are also conferences, parties in the municipalities Yateras, El Salvador and Manuel Tames, activities for childen and youth and performances in the Casa del Changüí, Casa de las Promociones Musicales, Casa de la Trove and other institutions. The fetsival ends wiuth the awarding of the prizes for the competitions.

Application fee :
Cuban participants: 50.00 MN
Foreign participants: 50.00 CUC

All participants pay a fee of 350.00 MN, which covers housing, food and transportation.

For more information contact:
Director MsC. José Luis Matos Rodríguez
Centro Provincial de la Música
Los Maceo # 906 e/ Crombet y Emilio
Giró. Guantánamo
Tel: +53 (21) 32 75 90 - 32 75 56
Fax: +53 (21) 32 28 70

Comittee Organizer Lic. José Cuenca Sosa
Centro de Información y Documentación Musical "Rafael Inciarte Brioso"
Donato Mármol # 452 e/ Martí y Máximo Gómez
Tel: +53 (21) 32 76 22

Thursday August 23 2007 - Azúcar Negra in Amsterdam Tomorrow
The summer tour season is winding down as the Tours page shows. But you still have time to catch Azúcar Negra tomorrow night at El Centro in Amsterdam. Pupy y los que son son should be touring in September/October but we don't have any dates yet, so if you know of a concert in your area, please send us an e-mail.

And after the show tomorrow take time to cast your vote in the Best Live Band This Summer poll. Elito Revé y su Charangón currently have a comfortable lead over Los Van Van.

Indochino Photos of Cachao López
Legendary bassist Israel Cachao López has been touring Europe this summer and Indochino caught the show at New Morning in Paris on August 1, 2007. He has sent us a few pictures and says that the full slide show will be available soon at Fiestacubana.net.
The band consisted of
EDWIN BONILLA (timbales)

Legendary Bassist - Israel Cachao Lópezcuban music, musica cubana
©Indochino used by permission
cuban music, musica cubana
©Indochino used by permission
cuban music, musica cubana
©Indochino used by permission

Tuesday August 21 2007 - Bamboleo in Japan November 16
The organizer of the event is none other than Ryu "Mambo" Murakami. I can't read Japanese but maybe you can, so here's a link with all the details about Ryu's Cuban Night.

Entrevista con Grupo Danson - "Grupo Danson es lo que hay"
cuban music, musica cubana
Hace un año atrás prometí a Alexander Abreu que pondría una sección para Grupo Danson en Timba.com. Pero los meses se fueron y no lo hice, no porque no quería pero porque tenía tantas otras cosas que también prometí que hacer. Tú sabes...

Mientras tanto Dj Melao entró en Timba.com y al fin tenemos una sección para este grupo que lanzó uno de los mejores discos del año 2006. Estamos actualizando la sección mucho en estes días y hoy puse una entrevista que hice el 17 de agosto en Copenhague, Dinamarca después del concierto de Orquesta Revé.

Grupo Danson tuvo un propio concierto este misma noche y se fueron directamente después de su concierto para lo de Orquesta Revé. Vi los fundadores y trombonistas Carlos Pérez y Mia Engsager también, pero presente para la entrevista eran Yasser Pino, bajista del grupo, y Alexander.

Hablamos mucho del nuevo disco que Grupo Danson está preparando y también sobre la confusión que hay entre el trabajo de Alexander con Grupo Danson y el proyecto que tiene en La Habana que resultó en el demo Confiesale que mucha gente ahora crea es una canción de Danson.

Haz cliq aquí para ver la entrevista en formato WMV.

Durante el concierto de Orquesta Revé Alexander subió dos veces: para improvisar un solo de la trompeta durante la cancón El Martes, y para cantar un coro durante El Dinero.

Monday August 20 2007 - Photos from the Antilliaanse Feesten in Belgium
The annual Antilliaanse Feesten in Hoogstraten, Belgium featured Charanga Habanera, Haila and Eddy-K as well as a number of other salsa artists. Bart De Bruycker sent us the following short report along with a few photos.

Haila's performance on the Friday was breathtaking, what a charisma and a voice does she have. She only brought Julio, her bandleader and piano player over from Cuba, and used the NG La Banda musicians who were in Italy together with a teclado player from Germany, and Issac Delgado's former bass player from Madrid, and Tirso Duarte on congas. It's amazing how these musicians play together without a lot of practice, even some 'estrenos' from Haila's new album that's in the making.

cuban music, musica cubana
Haila & Bart

cuban music, musica cubana
Tirso with Monica and Carla of NG La Banda

Charanga Habanera was better than ever with their 5 Chippendale front line-up. Great show and fantastic timba! Some great new songs from their upcoming album.

cuban music, musica cubana
David Calzado

cuban music, musica cubana
Aned & Juventino

cuban music, musica cubana
David & Lázarito on the way to the bus

Saturday August 18 2007 - El Charangón está en la calle
I took a little timba trip to Copenhagen last night to catch Elito Revé y su Charangón at the end of the summer tour. There are two new singers since the last time I saw them in Havana in April. Dagoberto and Sinsonte are still there of course. The first new singer is Lázaro Maya, formerly of Salsa Mayor. He joined the Orquesta Revé about 3 months ago. The newest addition is Eric Eduardo. He has taken over the estreno No te doy más na' since El Nene's departure and does a very good job of it. He also speaks English and was translating Elito's commentary to the audience last night.

cuban music, musica cubana
The Revé singers are: Eric, Sinsonte, Dagoberto & Lázaro

I will post a full report including clips from the new songs next week, but I would like to mention some interesting points from last night. First, they performed three totally new songs that will be on the album Fresquesito, schedueled for release in October/November: El Martes, a chachacha written by Juan Formell in 67/68 when he was still with Revé; El Dinero, hardcore charangón sung by Dagoberto; and a rumba that I didn't catch the name of that is sung by Lázarito. Second was the arrival of the members of Grupo Danson at the concert. They came directly from a concert of their own and Alexander Abreu joined the Charangón for both an improvised trumpet solo (yes, I will post the video it was fantastic) and later stepped in with a coro during the estreno El Dinero.

I arrived too late to do any interviews with the band but Elito did take a minute just before the show to talk a little about the new CD and the Changüí Festival that will take place from December 20-23 in Guantánamo. Click here for Elito's comments.

Orquesta Revé continues to sound great live. The band is tight and in addition to the huge selection of previous hits to choose from, they now have an album full of new hits that they are performing. So if you missed them on this tour, take a vacation to Cuba this fall so you can catch them live. Personally, I'm going to the Changüí Festival in December. They are truly one of the hottest live acts you'll find. The Charangón is durísima!

Wednesday August 15 2007 - Los Van Van in Japan
Los Van van will be touring Japan in October. the first date we have is October 2 at Shibuya O-EAST in Tokyo. We'll upadate you as we get moere information.

Pedrito in Canada
If you check in daily with Mr. Bryans like I do, you already know that Pedrito Calvo will be performing with Hilario Duran in Canada. Another great opportunity for timberos in the EE.UU to see one of the figuras of timba.

Tuesday August 14 2007 - New Timba in Peru blog
We are very pleased that Timba.com finally has some a serious section on what's happening in Timba in Peru. There is also a brand new blog for Timba in Peru, El Chico Timba Perú. The first post contains video of Bamboleo performing in Peru, linked from YouTube as well as information and YouTube video of Gente d'Zona. Looks like a good blog to watch.

Sunday August 12 2007 - Salsa Mayor in Luxembourg - The Historic First Concert in Europe
Your first time is something you will always remember, and June 30, 2007 was the date of Salsa Mayor's first-ever concert in Europe. It was a first for everyone: the band really had no idea what to expect and niether did the audience. I didn't know either since this was also my first time in Luxembourg. I had heard that there would be some casineros there, but that there wasn't a really large population of cubanophiles. Even if the songs have been popular, you don't know how many dancers actually know which band sings what.

cuban music, musica cubana
The soundcheck at Kulturfabrik in Esch-sur-Alzette

As it turned out they couldn't have asked for a better premier. The venue was full, the audio was good, the audience was excited; dancing and singing throught the concert. The band responded with the same enthusiasm and put on a fun and exciting show that lasted a total of 2.5 hours. Click here for the full-length report that takes you from the moment the band left the hotel to the end of the concert including video clips and photos from the 12-hour road trip and the concert.

The Luxembourg concert was a perfect first meeting bewteen fans and band and an indication of what they would meet the next day at the crazy concert in Paris. Stay tuned...

Sunday August 5 2007 - Salsa Mayor Tour Report - June 27-29, 2007 La Máquina Llegó
In July 2006 Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor released their first CD, Recoge y vete. With its irresistible dance grooves, it quickly took Europe by storm. For the past year it has been one of the most heavily played CDs at the clubs, and the fans have become anxious to meet this young group and to enjoy the feel of a live concert and to see how they rate in comparison to veteran Timba groups.

When the news came out that Salsa Mayor would be doing their first European tour this summer, there were people who doubted that it would really happen, but I was not one of them. Although they are a new group trying to make their way into a world populated by well-known giants, I have seen first hand how popular their music is among the dancers. So I decided it was my most solemn timba geek duty to follow the band on this their first tour, and see just how the audiences would react.

Now that everyone has had time to read the introduction to the band members, Quiénes son los Mayores?, I begin with the full-length tour report.

The band arrived in Italy on June 27th, but not exactly on schedule and not without difficulties. Click here to read about their arrival and how they spent the first couple of days in Europe.

cuban music, musica cubana
At the airport waiting...and waiting...and waitng

Next installment...the European Premier of Salsa Mayor in Luxembourg.

Thursday August 2 2007 - ¿Quiénes Son Los Mayores?
After returning to Cuba, Salsa Mayor has spent this week performing for TV shows such as 23 y M and Super 12. Friday they resume their weekly matinee at Casa de la Música Habana. So if you're in Havana and you're reading this, you'll be all set when you go to the show tomorrow.

cuban music, musica cubana
Can you name these Mayores?

I know it's taken a long time, but I am finally ready to start the full-length Salsa Mayor report. But hey, it's a lot of video to edit!! Since the band is relatively new, I thought it would be a good idea to start with a short introduction of the band members. That way if I say "Jaime did this" or "Raydel did that", you'll know who I'm talking about.

cuban music, musica cubana
If not you'd better read the article.

So I have created a page with a picture and some of my own observations about each person as well as a short video clip of each person. In some cases the videos are from actual interviews, in others they are from a soundcheck or a concert. The idea is just to let you get to know the guys.

So here is your chance to find out ¿Quiénes son los Mayores?

Haz cliq aquí para la introducción a los Mayores en español pero prepárate que la traducción es mía y sabes que hablo español a mi propia manera.

Wednesday August 1 2007 - Yoruba Andabo in Canada
The Grammy award-winning afro-cuban folkloric dance/music group will tour Canada in October. I have actually never seen them live, but I have their DVD and they are truly fantastic. If you live in the US, time for another visit to our friends in the Great White North to enjoy the music you are so wrongfully denied. If you live in Canada, congratulations on yet another great tour.

cuban music, musica cubana
Grammy Award Winning Yoruba Andabo

martes, 22 marzo 2011, 07:32 pm