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The Cuban Institute of Music (ICM), the Organizing Committee of the Cubadisco International Fair and the Cuban Academy of Recording Arts convoke  the 2018 Cubadisco Awards.


1. The phonographic or audio-visual musical productions released by the Cuban record companies, by Cuban and foreign institutions related to the musical work of our country, and independent musical productions, will be able to participate, as long as they are presented by an institution linked to our cultural field.

2. The registered productions must have been released between January 1 and December 31, 2017.

3. The Cubadisco Prize will consider the quality of the productions that are submitted to the contest, and not the work, trajectory or relevance within the national music and culture, nor any other of the virtues of the artists whose works are contained in such productions. , nor the popularity or sales levels of the presented productions.

4. The period for the registration of the works begins on March 15 and expires on April 5, 2018.

5. The registration of the works in the contest will take place in the offices of the Cubadisco Prize, 15th street no. 452, corner of F, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba. CP 10400. Telephone: (537) 7832 8298. Email:

6. For the purposes of registration, two physical copies of the completed work must be submitted. In the same way, the work must be delivered in digital format (mp3, in the case of music), with all the necessary data that complement the production: designs,liner  notes, track lists, technical credits, etc.

7. The institutions that submit works to contest will be responsible for the inscriptions of their productions before the contest and the artists they represent. Once registered, they can not be withdrawn from the event under any circumstances.

8. The Admission Commission (made up of members of the Academy Advisory Group and the A & R of the record companies) will decide on the category in which each production will be admitted, regardless of the category in which it was proposed in its registration.

9. The processes of nomination and awarding of prizes will be carried out by the academics in charge of voting in each area and category, and verified by the Consultative Group.

10. The results of the nomination will be publicly announced at a press conference called for that purpose. The award ceremony will be held in a ceremony organized for the purpose on the first day of the 2018 Cubadisco International Fair.

11. The inscription in the contest implies the acceptance of its bases. Also, the institution that registers the production in the contest is committed, in the case in which the work is awarded, to facilitate the release of a selected theme that allows the Academy to release a compilation disc of the awarded albums soon after the process of the Awards is finished.

12. The nominations and prizes awarded will be unappealable.


The categories to be awarded in the contest will be grouped in the following areas:

AREA 1. PATRIMONIAL (traditional and archival music)

AREA 2. ACADEMIC (concert music, chamber music, choir and concert soloist)

AREA 3. INSTRUMENTAL (instrumental music, jazz and soundtrack)

AREA 4. CANCIONÍSTICA (song, trova and music for children)

AREA 5. FUSION (rock, pop and fusion)

AREA 6. CURRENT DANCE MUSIC (masters and new talents)



AREA 9. AUDIOVISUAL (audiovisual musical show, musical documentary and didactic audiovisual)

AREA 10. SPECIALTIES (recording, graphic design, liner notes and musicological notes)

International prize

Will will be granted to recordings of non-Cuban authors and performers that reflect creatively the most authentic musical values ​​of their people and the commitment to defend and promote cultural diversity, in line with the aesthetic assumptions advocated by Cubadisco. The proposals for this award will be made by Cuban and foreign artists and experts linked to the record industry of our country and the history of this event.


Sunday, 11 November 2018, 05:12 AM