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Chicago-Based Bands

Chicago-Based Bands

This section will cover Chicago-based bands that play music of possible interest to Timba.com 's readers.  In addition to Timba, which is rare to hear live in Chicago, this listing includes Salsa, Latin Jazz and other music of possible  interest to our readers.   (Chicago's live scene is a strong in Latin Jazz and Salsa as it is weak in Timba.)


Albert Sierra's Cuban Flavor

Angel D'Cuba

Angel Melendez


Carpacho Super Combo (aka Carpacho y su Super Combo)



Eliezer y su Orquesta

Grupo Cha Cha


Johnny Blas & Afro-Libre

Latin Inspiration

Mambo Fino

Mambo 7

Mateo y los Bacheteros


Orquesta Con Son

Papo Santiago's Orchestra Infraverde


Projecto 7

Rica Obsesion


Salsa Con Soul

Samuel del Real

Son Bayú

Son De La Habana

Son Peru 

Sureya y su Orquesta

Willie Garcia y su Orquesta Sabor

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