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Chicago-Based Bands - Son Peru

Son Peru

Background: Son Peru was founded in June 2008 by Lima-born Edward Carpio, leader and lead singer for the group.    Their repertoire is a versatile mix of Afroperuvian music, Latin Jazz, Cuban standards, Salsa and Boleros.   As of January 2013, the regular members of the group were Edward Carpio (leader, lead singer), Jose Ormaza (drums), Brett Benteler (bass), Alejandro Cortes (Piano) and Jose Luis Diaz (conga/tumba).

What we saw and heard:  We caught Son Peru at Sabor a Café, where they perform frequently, on Saturday, January 19, 2013.   In this venue, they usually perform the Cuban book rather than the Afroperuvian material, and they covered a lot of classics including Beny More's hits Sabor a Mi and Como Fue along with Lagrimas Negras and El Cuarto de Tula.   There was a substitute bassist for the evening, Freddy Cervantes, who fit in pretty well.    The lead singer is quite good with this material;  they also did a Ruben Blades number, Amor y Control

The Verdict:   We haven't heard the Afroperuvian side of this band yet and look forward to doing so in the future.  Even though Sabor a Café is a Colombian restaurant, it regularly features a lot of Cuban music, and Son Peru actually fits in pretty well there with what he heard them doing.   The vocals and the versatile rhythm section drive this ensemble.  We'll say more in the future after we've heard their Afroperuvian set;  for their Cuban material, they are a legitimate option for listening to the older classics, especially the boleros and canciones.   

domingo, 20 enero 2013, 02:45 pm