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Se llama sabroso - ZONA FRANKA

Tom Ehrlich - 2013 San Jose Jazz Fest - Part 4




This is the last of three galleries of photos from Saturday night at the 2013 San José Jazz Summer Fest.

Edgardo Cambón and Candela

One of the most popular salsa bands with some of the best salsa musicians in the Bay Area and guest artist legendary Cuban drummer Calixto Oviedo.

Introducing the band

Edgardo Cambón

Abel Figueroa trombonist

Marco Díaz

Edgardo Cambón

Left to right Jeff Cressman, Abel Figueroa bones, Charlie Gurke sax and Calixto Oviedo

Calixto Oviedo


David Belove


Edgardo Cambón


Marco Díaz

Julio Areas

John Santos Sextet Jam Session

Internationally respected band leader, percussionist, composer and educator John Santos leads one of the best Afro-Caribbean Jazz groups in the world today. John's group performed a set of great jazz and then lead a jam session with various musicians sitting in.

John Santos

Calixto Oviedo sitting in

Melecio Magdaluyo

Edgardo Cambón congas sitting in and John Santos maracas

Sitting in Edgardo Cambón vocals and Arturo "Mr. Latin Jazz" Rierra congas.  Arturo is responsbile for booking the Afro-Caribbean music for San José Jazz and sponsored John Santos' Jam Session.

Arturo "Mr. Latin Jazz" Rierra sitting in on congas

Calixto Oviedo sitting in on drums and John Santos on congas

Sitting in on piano and Saúl Sierra on bass

Saúl Sierra 

Sitting in on piano

John Santos Sextet

Arturo Rierra sitting in

Marco Díaz, John Calloway and John Santos

Flutes left to right Miguel MartÍnez (sitting in), John Calloway and Melecio Magdaluyo

Saúl Sierra

Marco Díaz piano

Calixto sitting in

Arturo Rierra introducing the jam session

Melecio Magdaluyo sax

Marco Díaz trumpet 

Dave Flores

John Calloway flute

John Santos congas, John Calloway chekere and Melecio Magdaluyo sax

Dave Flores, drums, Melecio Magdaluyo sax, John Calloway and John Santos congas

John Calloway

Calixto sitting in

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