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Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : 2023 Monterey Jazz Fe...
Fotos: Tom Ehrlich : 2023 Monterey Jazz Fe...
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Tom Ehrlich - 2022 Monterey Jazz Festival Part 1






Chucho Valdés presented his historic new work La creación on Friday night of the Monterey Jazz Festival .This phenomenal work is so extensive and important that it deserves a special post. I'll publish the other Monterey Jazz photos in the coming days and weeks.

Here's Chucho's description of the project: "It is the story of Africans in the Caribbean, but also of Africans on the continents of the Americas and is a form of educating the people--of sharing the knowledge of where we come from."

Two large groups joined forces to perform the piece: Yoruband, led by pianist Hilario Durán, and Monk'estra, led by John Beasley.

Right to left: John Beasley, Hilario Durán, Chucho Valdés, Carlos Avehoff, Jr. (sax)

Listing of band members:

Yeny Valdés (vocals), Etienne Charles (trumpet), Brian Lynch (trumpet), Marcus Srickland (alto sax), Carlos Averhoff, Jr. (tenor sax), Chucho Valdés (piano), Hilario Durán (keyboards), John Beasley (keyboards), José Armando Gola (bass), Dafnis Prieto (drum set), Roberto Vizcaíno, Jr. (congas, bongos, timbales and other assorted percussion), Erick Barbería (batá and vocals), Yosvani Gonzaléz Franco (batá and vocals), Felipe Sarría Linares (bata and vocals), Monk'estra members: James Ford & Brian Schwarts (trumpets), Francisco Torres, Wendell Kelly. Ryan Dragon & Lemar Guillery (trombones), and Bob Sheppard, Tom Luer & Adam Schroeder (woodwinds).

Chucho Valdés and his wife pre-concert

Right to left Erick Barbería, Erick's mom, friend, Erick's brother and Yeny Valdez pre-concert  

Erick Barbería and Yeny Valdés pre-concert

Bay Area percussionist and Afro-Cuban folkloric master Erick Barberia played the Iyá (large lead bata drum) and his wife Yeny Valdes sang. Yeny as most of you know is the former vocalist with Los Van Van.

Etienne Charles

Etienne Charles is a well respected trumpeter, who is originally from Trinidad.

Carlos Averhoff, Jr.

Carlos Averhoff, Jr., an excellent saxophonist, is the son of the late Carlos Averhoff, the great saxophonist who was a member of the legendary Irakere and NG La Banda.

Roberto Vizcaíno, Jr.

Roberto Vizcaíno, Jr. is a world class percussionist and is also the son of the great Cuban percussionist Roberto Vizcaíno.

Hilario Durán

Hilario Durán is an outstanding pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader. He and John Beasley were responsbile for the arrangement of this 4 movement version of La creación..

Left to right Felipe Sarria Linares, Erick Barberia and Yosvani González Franco

This group of batá players were featured throughout the performance.

Left to right Jose Armando Gola bass, Erick Barberia, Yosvani González Franco and Yeny Valdés

Felipe Sarría Linares, Erick Barbería, Yosvani González Franco and Yeny Valdés

José Armando Gola

José Armando Gola is a fantastic bassist who has played with numerous different bands including Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Manolín. He was also a member of Tomasito Cruz's Cuban Timba All Stars, which toured the US in 2006.

Chucho Valdés, Hilario Durán and Carlos Averhoff, Jr.

John Beasley leading the orchestra

John Beasley is the Grammy winning leader of the outstanding orchestra Monk'estra. He and Hilario Durán did the arranging and conducting for the concert.

Carlos Averhoff, Jr. sax and Chucho Valdés

Chucho Valdés with the charts for the 4 movement suite, Hilario Durán

Chucho Valdés, Hilario Durán, Jose Armando Gola

Chucho Valdés and Hilario Durán

Chucho Valdés enjoying solo by Dafnis Prieto and Hilario Durán

This was taken during a solo by the Great Dafnis Prieto, which for me was one of the highlights of this performance and of this years festival.

Chucho Valdés

John Beadsley keyboards, Dafnis Prieto drums, Brian Lynch with hat trumpet

Hilario Durán leading the orchestra

John Beasley

Besides bding an excellent band leader John Beasley is a great keyboardist.

John Beasley directing orchestra

José Armando Gola

Yeny Valdés

Chucho ackowledging the standing ovation (with Hilario Durán)

Erick Barbería and Yosvani González Franco

Yeny Valdés

Left to right: Carlos Averhoff, Jr. sax, Chucho Valdés, Hilario Durán and John Beasley

The crowd gave an enthusiastic standing ovation, insisting on an encore, and the band obliged by playing a spirited version of Bacalao con Pan. Many consider this song to be the progenitor of timba.

Dafnis Prieto post concert

The dynamic duo of Dafnis Prieto and Roberto Vizcaíno, Jr.

For me, the solos of these two great musicians was the highlight of the concert and festival.

This concert was one of the most memorable that I have experienced.

miércoles, 27 septiembre 2023, 07:35 pm